17 million giant Sony's first 84 inch 4K TV trial

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[PConline trial] Today, the home appliance market is not optimistic. The prices of TV products are getting lower and lower. The profits of manufacturers are getting harder and harder to guarantee. The TV industry seems to be in a state of malaise. At this time, everyone seems to be thinking. How should the future of the television industry develop? Not long ago, the new product launches of various brands told us some directions - 4K ultra high-definition, and consumer electronics giant Sony once again verified this.

Sony's first 84-inch 4K TV trial

On August 30th, Sony released new TV products for the fall of 2012 in Shanghai, including the high-end HX950, mid-range HX655, and low-end EX355 series. Of course, the most eye-catching is Sony's first 84-inch 4K ultra high-definition television. - KD-84X9000, this monster uses a resolution of 3840x2160 LCD panel, equipped with a 4K sharp image processing engine PRO, and 3D is Sony's less used polarization technology in the past.

Sony 2012 Autumn TV New Product Launch

This 84-inch 4K product not only appeared in the autumn conference, but also appeared in the IFA, but the model is slightly different, for the KD-84X9005. It is reported that in September, the Big Mac will start pre-sales at Sony China Online Store and Sony Store outlets in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, with retail price of up to 169999 yuan.

Sony 84X9000 features: top image chip

● 4K Ultra HD resolution

What does 4K Ultra HD resolution mean? In fact, the 4K name derives from its horizontal resolution of approximately 4000 pixels (pixels). For mainstream home appliance manufacturers, the 4K is generally Quad Full HD (3840×2160) because the resolution ratio of this resolution standard is 16: 9, and the consumer is currently closer to the viewing ratio. Compared with the current mainstream 1080p (1920×1080), 4K resolution is 4 times the display resolution.

What is 4K resolution

● top image chip

Image chip and circuit design have always been the advantages of Sony BRAVIA products, of course, as the top model 84X9000 is no exception, using Sony's "4K sharp image processing engine PRO" developed specifically for the optimization of 4K LCD TV, is powered by Image processing engine PRO plus 4K processing chip upgrade.

Sony 84X90004K sharp image processing engine PRO

We have previously introduced that the sharp image processing engine PRO is a combination of the sharp image processing engine and the XCA7, so it is simple to understand, "4K sharp image processing engine PRO" = sharp image processing engine + XCA7 + XCA8-4K, This "triple-core" combination can restore natural details from signal sources based on digital broadcasting or Blu-ray discs and other high-definition materials, as well as rich colors and high contrast, demonstrating high-definition, high-definition 4K. Resolution image.

4K sharp image processing engine PRO is equivalent to "triple-core" processor

● 10 units of high-fidelity speakers

Each speaker unit on both sides of the 84X9000 creates a powerful and powerful sound system. It combines Sony's unique high-quality sound signal processing technology and a 3D front virtual surround sound system to simulate 5.1 channels with a power of 50W, with a 10° inward tilt. Designed to bring a unique sound experience, the listening position was expanded.

There are 5 speakers on each side of the Sony 84X9000

The Sony 84X9000 has 4K of ultra-clear resolution, equipped with a "three-core" 4K sharp image processing engine PRO, in addition, 10 units of high-fidelity speakers to enhance the performance of the sound quality. Of course, the price of up to 170,000 yuan is not acceptable to the average family. The successful person living in the noble villa area is the target population of 84X9000.

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2 Appearance Tasting: Dignified and Elegant / Textured Back to the top

Appearance tasting: dignified and elegant / excellent texture

Sony 4K TV 84X9000 is not an exaggerated image, the main color of the black with silver metal, giving a more feeling is a solemn and elegant, the addition of speakers on both sides revealed a domineering, really can be described as domineering side leakage ah!

Sony 4K TV 84X9000

84-inch screen, the border can not be made very thin, the four corners do not have any logo, and the screen is surrounded by silver metal, in the light is particularly dazzling, texture has also been improved.

Sony 84X9000 Speaker and Screen Border

Sony 84X9000 screen border details

The base of the Sony 84X9000 is quite distinctive. The sides of the whole piece of metal are stretched outwards, quite a feeling of chicken feet. Oh, no, it should be said that the dragon claws are more precise. The base support frame can be stretched up and down to facilitate users with different viewing habits.

Sony 84X9000 base can adjust the height up and down

LOGO is no different from other BRAVIA products. It is still Sony's usual style. The silver metal does not have a backlight design. The simple “SONY” four English still looks great.

Sony 84X9000 LOGO

The interface is still divided into two major areas, one side and one back, configured with 4 groups of HDMI, 1 set of VGA, 2 sets of USB, 1 set of color difference components, 1 set of wired/antenna and other commonly used interfaces to support streaming media playback technology. .

Sony 84X9000 interface

The OSD key is arranged in the lower right corner of the front of the fuselage. There is no touch-type design, but physical buttons, with power, channel selection, volume selection, input selection, and several buttons on the main menu.

Sony 84X9000 physical touch OSD

At first glance to see the Sony 84X9000, is a sense of stability, metal elements are used more, the texture is also quite good, the base design and the previous are quite different, adjustable height, very convenient, and interface configuration is The current high-end product standards are sufficient to meet the needs of general users.

3 live trials: the strongest quality representatives back to the top

On-site trial: the strongest quality representative

From the perspective of the 84X9000, Sony hopes that TV will return to the TV source in the future. That is quality. This 84-inch 4K TV incorporates Sony's innovative image quality technology, equipped with a 3840x2160 resolution LCD panel, 4K sharp image processing engine PRO, Montionflow XR 800 quad speed drive technology, dynamic dazzling LED backlight, local Light control and other technologies.

Sony 84 inch 4K TV 84X9000 has powerful picture quality technology

From the actual experience of the scene, the author is about 1.5 meters from the 84X9000, so close to the pixel unit is almost not aware of the image, and this distance is just full of the entire eye, the sense of presence is quite good. When viewed at a distance of about 1.5 times the height of the screen, a wide viewing angle of 60 degrees can be obtained, and the immersive visual experience arises spontaneously.

Sony's first 84-inch 4K TV picture quality measured

At the conference site, Sony compared 4K's 84X9000 with 1080p screen resolutions from other brands. At the same time, one screen was played. From the actual point of view, the Sony 84X9000 green performance was bright, the red was bright, and the black sinking ability was also outstanding. In general, all kinds of colors are still very accurate.

Sony's first 84-inch 4K TV 84X9000 quality measurement

Sony's first 84-inch 4K TV vs. other brands 1080p

In 3D, Sony uses a polarized 3D technology, which is often said not flash, basically 84X9000 is the use of LG Display produced 84-inch IPS LCD panel, but also can guess that the reason why This panel is largely due to Sony's elimination of its LCD panel business.

Sony 84X9000 3D picture (naked eye view)

Just now said that Sony believes that the essence of television is picture quality, not necessarily smarter than smart phones, so the level of Japanese television intelligence, including Sony, is generally lower than in China and South Korea, but Japanese companies have always attached importance to television. The presentation of quality.

In the 84X9000 body, equipped with the Sony Network Application Center (SEN), can provide a simple user interface to directly browse the site, watch popular online video, while focusing on the timely dynamics of friends through social networking applications.

Sony Network Application Center

It is worth mentioning that the Sony 84X9000 supports DLNA home entertainment network, which enables wireless interconnection of devices. In addition, after the smartphone setup program, it can also be used to remotely control the 84X9000.

Smartphone and Sony TV connection

Editing summary: In fact, before the press conference, I already expected Sony to release 4K TV. Although Sony is not the first company to launch large-size 4K TVs, Sony has an absolute advantage in 4K cameras and 4K cinema technology. However, as far as the current situation is concerned, 4K sources are scarce and the high selling prices are also high. A stumbling block, the 4K industry chain has received a lot of restrictions, and popularity still needs to go a long way. [Back to Channel Home]

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