2010 Computex Taipei Japan Media Focus on "One-Module" LED Thermal Module


The world's second largest, Asia's largest ICT industry procurement event - 2010 Taipei International Computer Show, successfully concluded on June 5, 2010. For Taiwan's technology manufacturing industry, Computex Taipei plays in June every year. A pivotal role. According to the statistics of the conference, the scale of this year's exhibition reached a new high. There are 1,715 exhibitors participating in the exhibition, with a total of 4,861 booths. The exhibition scale has grown by 8% compared with last year. The number of overseas professionals who visited the first day reached 20,000. The first four days were visited. The overseas professionals are also mostly in the United States, Japan, and Korea. This year, buyers from China have also grown up over last year, bringing more than $10 billion in business opportunities to the ICT industry. With the trend of “lighter”, “thinner” and “smaller” for e-generation portable electronic products, we have established the world's smallest (8mm) and thinnest (3mm) millimeter technology fan series since its launch in 2007. It has repeatedly become the most inquiring product during the exhibition. For the first time, the "One-module" LED thermal module, which is designed to be lighter, smaller, and safer, has been designed to create an exclusive and patented innovative design that significantly reduces the temperature of LED lamps and simplifies the design process of the client. Became the most eye-catching product of this year, and was interviewed by well-known Japanese media.

Millimeter fan drives micro-small heat dissipation trend

Sunon's world's smallest, thinnest, lowest power "Mighty Mini Fan & Blower" is a silver medal in the invention of the 2009 National Invention Creation Award and the 18th with the miniaturization and thinning innovation cooling technology. The "Taiwan Fine Silver Award" won the award and cooperated with customers to design and develop a cooling solution for various portable small electronic products such as micro projectors, MIDs, air detectors, and smart phones.

Japanese media focus on "One-module" LED cooling module

The built-in LED thermal module has three innovative designs: automatic dust removal design for two-way operation of the fan, patented barrier ring design to prevent hot air reflow, and high-quality quiet heat dissipation design. Since "heat" is the most critical factor leading to the light decay of LED products, the "One-module" concept LED thermal module, which was first publicly displayed at the show, will showcase the bulbs (forced heat dissipation) installed with Sunon LED thermal modules. Compared with the temperature of the bulb (natural heat dissipation) with LED cooling module, the temperature of the LED bulb was significantly reduced by 20.6 °C after forced cooling by the Sunon LED cooling module. Visitors who came to the exhibition hall expressed their admiration for the measured data on site. And give Sunon a high degree of affirmation in the results of LED heat dissipation, and more attractive interviews with well-known Japanese media in the exhibition. At present, it is scheduled to launch three LED thermal modules with 7-15W, 10-25W and 25-40W, which are widely used in LED bulbs, downlights, MR16 projection lamps and other LED application cooling solutions.


The right LED fixture is equipped with a Sunon LED thermal module to force heat dissipation. The heat sink temperature (53.1 °C) is compared with the heat sink temperature (73.7 °C) on the left without a heat sink module. The temperature difference between the two is 20.6 °C.

High static pressure, ultra stable heat sink dedicated green energy fan

The Super Green Fan green energy fan that pursues "stable" operation uses the energy-saving characteristics of the three-phase inner rotor motor, and the best performance fan blade that increases the flow path and concentrated air flow. The power loss is reduced by nearly 50%, which is generated when the fan is running. The vibration amplitude is reduced by 38% and the air volume is increased by 10%. The site is operated by two 60x60x38mm fans, allowing customers to experience the high air volume and high static pressure of the green energy fan. The intelligent Pan Tray, built by Sunon, is controlled by Sunon's own software simulation system to demonstrate the R&D design capabilities to meet the high-end thermal requirements required for high-density, multi-group servers and communications equipment. Since its launch in the second half of 2009, it has been widely recognized by major international brands such as CISCO and DELL.


The field was tested with two 60x60x38mm fans. The green energy fan (left) showed high air volume and high static pressure characteristics, and the wind blown from the original product (right) and the styrofoam ball (middle) were sucked to the left.

Since its establishment in 1980, Jianzheng has been committed to the innovative research and development of precision motors, micro-fans and heat-dissipating modules. The innovative technologies of many products have repeatedly become the industry's pioneering initiatives, such as maglev motor technology, millimeter fan technology, and barrier dust floating design. The design of the inner rotor motor allows the company to stand at the forefront of the industry trend. Through this exhibition, customers will experience the technological strength of Jianzhun and coordinate with customers to make new innovations, and penetrate the hearts of customers with high-quality brand image.