2012 Guangdong LED industry output value strives 100 billion

The "energy-saving industry cake" led by LED lighting products is getting bigger and bigger. The reporter recently learned from the Guangzhou 2010 International Lighting Exhibition Industry Seminar that subsidies for energy-saving products have become mainstream. In Guangdong, LED lighting is becoming the fastest sharer of energy-saving cakes. LED has become the three emerging industries that Guangdong Province will give priority to, and its scale will exceed 100 billion. Its industrial planning is brewing.

"LED lamps will become the mainstream in lighting products." Ling Zhichao, deputy director of the Guangdong Provincial Energy Conservation Center, said that Europe has already decided to phase out incandescent lamps in a few years. Guangdong will be divided into the big cake of 100 billion in value in China.

Hu Zhongshun, the person in charge of Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition, told reporters recently that the exhibition that opened on the 9th is like “reborn”. In the exhibition area of ​​135,000 square meters, more than 70,000 square meters is the LED exhibition area. More than half of all the more than 1800 lighting companies are LEDs, traditional incandescent lamps almost fade out of the market. And this is unthinkable in the past.

It is reported that in addition to street lamps, LED lighting also has a large demand in outdoor engineering projects and large-scale events. The Shanghai World Expo has invested 1 billion yuan in LED lighting. The Guangzhou Asian Games and the Shenzhen Universiade also provide a broad space for the LED industry.

It is expected that in 2015, LED's market share in China's lighting market will reach 20%, driving the industry to reach 500 billion yuan, and China will also enter the top three in the global LED lighting market. According to relevant agencies, in 2010, the output value of China's LED lighting industry will exceed 150 billion yuan, double the number in 2008.

Guangdong Province has decided to take the LED green light source industry as one of the key breakthrough industries in the near future, and strive to form a scale of 100 billion output value of the province's LED industry in 2012. "The LED industry in Guangdong Province will usher in an excellent historical opportunity." Hu Zhongshun said.