2013 China Low-voltage Circuit Breaker Market Report

2013 China Low-voltage Circuit Breaker Market Report

The 2013 China Low-Voltage Circuit Breaker Market Research Report was released freshly. This report aims to comprehensively and objectively describe the status and development trend of the 2012 low-voltage circuit breaker market in China.

The report shows that in 2012, the overall market size of China's low-voltage circuit breakers reached 38.4 billion yuan, down 4% year-on-year. ACB, MCCB, and MCB did not escape the downward trend, which dropped by 3%, 4% and 5% respectively.

From the perspective of competition: In 2012, the market competition for low-voltage circuit breakers became more intense. Among them, the ACB market has the highest concentration, with the top ten manufacturers occupying 91% of the market. Foreign brands still occupy the leading position in the ACB market, but the market share of local brands has gradually expanded and the market share of foreign brands has declined slightly. In the MCCB market structure, foreign brands such as Schneider and ABB still rank first, but their share has declined slightly. In the MCB market, the competitiveness of local brands continues to strengthen, and Chint ranks first in the market.

From the perspective of industry distribution, low-voltage circuit breakers are widely used, among which the industrial areas dominated by OEMs and project-oriented markets account for 57% of the market share. In addition, building construction and power grid construction also occupy 43% of the market share. Among them, the market share of project-based market and power grid construction increased slightly compared to 2011, mainly because the OEM and building construction industries continued to decline in 2012, while the power grid and project-based markets were relatively stable.

In 2012, the overall economic growth in China slowed down, and the market demand for low-voltage circuit breakers shrank. However, due to the impact of the domestic environment, the potential of infrastructure construction and the huge stock market in the Chinese market, gongkong expects that the market demand for low voltage circuit breakers will tend to Slow rise, market competition will be more intense.

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