"4G car" debut: Internet access all the way with signal

Mobile phone capable of positioning

Mobile phones for school-age children: parents can remotely locate their children

As soon as the mobile phone "shakes", the video can be transferred to the flat-screen TV display; the long-distance travel car can use 4G high-speed download movies and Internet ...

Yesterday, the Asia Mobile Expo, the largest in Asia, opened in Shanghai, and many of the latest mobile communication application technologies debuted at the New International Exhibition Center. These include new technologies such as the "4G car" that can access the Internet all the way, and the "next-generation WiFi" that does not require a password.

"4G car": R & D cost exceeds one million yuan

A white electric car is equipped with a V-shaped antenna on the top, and blue light flashes on the antenna. A strangely shaped car displayed in the China Mobile (Weibo) exhibition area attracted many visitors. "This antenna on the roof of the car is similar to a router. As long as it has 4G network coverage, it can receive signals on the car, and all passengers on the car can use 4G to go online on the road." Zhao Lijun, Dean of China Mobile Wuxi Research Institute Said that this "4G concept car" represents a new direction for the future development of automobiles.

As for the network speed, Zhao Lijun said that the maximum speed of 4G can reach 90M, which is 10 times faster than the fastest 3G. "People in the car can play multiple HD videos smoothly at the same time."

There is also a smart terminal similar to a computer host in the "4G car". In the future, car riders will no longer need to carry walkie-talkies, but can directly use the car WiFi hotspot to access the Internet for voice calls.

Zhao Lijun revealed that the current "4G car" is still in the research and development stage, "It is expected that the pilot commercialization will not start until two or three years."

It is understood that the current research and development cost of a "4G car" exceeds one million yuan. "In the future, large-scale production can reduce costs." Zhao Lijun revealed.

"Next Generation WiFi": Internet access can no longer input password

WiFi is currently searchable in many public areas in Shanghai. However, smartphone users need to enter a user name and authentication password when using WiFi in these areas, which makes some "lazy" and middle-aged and elderly people inconvenient. "In the future, you can use technology to make mobile WiFi Internet access very convenient, and break the restrictions on the use of different operators, to achieve" seamless "access to WiFi hotspots, so that users can access the Internet as easily as making calls." Well-known network equipment The manufacturer, Cisco, demonstrated the "next-generation operator WiFi" technology yesterday. R & D personnel revealed that Cisco has started a pilot experiment with Shanghai Mobile on the "next-generation operator WiFi" technology.

New smartphone: remote control of TV and air conditioner

TV remote control, set-top box remote control, each air conditioner also has a remote control ... Now the home remote control is not only inconvenient to store, but also not environmentally friendly. In the future, the new smartphone will be able to remotely control all household appliances in the home, provided that an application software is downloaded. "In the future, as long as you download a mobile phone application software, corresponding to a good home appliance model, the remote control functions of all home appliances can be concentrated on the mobile phone." A mobile phone operator who participated in the exhibition yesterday said.

In addition, future smartphones can also achieve high-speed switching between videos viewed by mobile phones and computers and flat-panel TV monitors. "When the mobile phone shakes gently, the video on the mobile phone will be transferred to the computer and flat-panel TV monitor."

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