70% of Hisense TV users do not know the secrets, live software reputation in the top three

As the best-selling smart TV brand in China, Hisense TV has been attracting a large number of consumers to pay with excellent hardware and rich content. However, with the gradual standardization of the TV application market, the number of ready-to-use and stable live broadcast software is decreasing, which increases the time cost for novice users to screen software.

Xiao Bian is recommending 3 models for everyone today. Many old drivers have an exclusive collection of live on-demand software that they hope will help users with needs.

First, live on-demand convergence software · Tai Jie video

Taijie video aggregates Tencent, LeTV, Youku and other massive genuine video resources. The speed of the update of the top movie and TV dramas is first class in the industry, and it can basically be the first broadcast of new resources and even broadcast alone. You can use the "Add Application" button on the home page to add HD smooth streaming. Three consecutive years won the TV software of the year award, user word of mouth bursts.

Two highlights of high reputation:

1. Can watch more than 200,000 genuine high-definition arts, movies, and movies and TV dramas from Tencent, LeTV, and Sohu, and the speed is super fast. Almost every one is broadcast on the entire network, or even broadcast alone. Such as the recent full-net hot "Fair Embroidery is not Yang", "Hotpot hero" and so on.

2, can add live broadcast function on the home page, look at the domestic David TV, CCTV, local stations, etc., high-definition picture quality, smooth, silky and not Caton. Support for custom programming sources and watch TV shows in more regions.

Second, high-definition picture quality broadcast broadcast

Broadcasting live broadcasts are rich in resources. You can watch a large number of television stations, and the picture quality is particularly excellent. You can watch them very smoothly and don't get stuck.

Two highlights of high reputation:

1. The broadcast quality of the broadcast company is excellent, and the interface is simple and simple. The home users are convenient and stress-free.

2, can watch many television stations, such as the central video channel, the David TV, etc., system optimization is excellent, channel switching speed is super fast, no lag.

Third, Enthusiast gathering place, live dog

Live broadcast dogs can watch CCTV, local stations, and even TV stations in other regions. They focus on providing live broadcast signals for major sports events at home and abroad, and they pay great attention to live broadcast services in the sports field.

Two high reputation features:

1. The live dog pays great attention to the live broadcast service in the sports field. It can be seen in various large-scale sports events such as La Liga, Super League, CBA, and so on. The picture quality is good and there are many events.

2. The live broadcast function is stable and smooth, providing users with different picture quality for different network conditions.

[Hisense TV Third-Party Software Installation Guide]

The first move:

Take Taijie Video as an example, log on to the official website of Taijie on your computer, download the latest installation file, transfer it to a USB flash drive, and insert it into Hisense TV.

Download the “ES file browser” in Hisense TV’s app store, “Useful for use”, and open the folder and read the U disk (Tips: If you are using an SD card, click the usbdisk option after entering the collection). Install the installation package apk on the U disk.

The second move:

Download Wukong remote control on the mobile phone (tip: Mobile phone should use the same wifi with smart TV), then the mobile phone will automatically install TV version of Goku remote control for TV. After the installation is complete, you can download the software in the application list, such as Tai Jie video, and you can watch the HDTV live broadcast.

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To be the world's top planar display system supplier -- is the business goal and positioning of Innolux. Combined with the advantages of Foxconn Enterprise Group in sales channels, Innolux Display Group will provide customers with a full range of flat display application systems. The product line will be complete from size panels, size modules to terminal system products.

Improving customers' high-quality products and efficient supply chain management is the commitment of Innolux Display Group. With foxconn Technology Group's complete industrial chain and global division of labor, and through the integration and sharing of upstream and downstream resources, Innolux Display Group will surely become a new benchmark enterprise in the world TFT-LCD industry in the future. At present, the main product is TFT LCD Module MNT.

Innolux optoelectronics carries out production and sales in a through-train manner, providing the group system customers with overall solutions. At the beginning of its establishment, Innolux Display Group attaches great importance to the research and development of new products. Star products such as mobile phone, portable type, vehicle TYPE DVD, digital video camera, game console and PDA LCD screen have been put into mass production and quickly seized the market and won the market advantage.

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