9.21 Morning News | Digging Gold Mines? Nichia's Four Seasons Measuring UV-C LEDs, Taiwan's Enterprises Follow Up

Recently, Nichia announced that it will begin mass production of UV-C LEDs (240~290nm) in the fourth quarter of this year. At the same time, it will also produce chip manufacturers in Taiwan.

It is estimated that the global UV-C LED market will grow from 28 million US dollars to 257 million US dollars by 2021, with a compound annual growth rate of 56%.

hot news

1. The new three board and mergers and acquisitions are the “wind vents” in the second half of the year.

The State Council issued the "New Venture Capital", which should give full play to the functions of the Main Board, the Growth Enterprise Market, the New Third Board and the regional equity market to improve the liquidity of the New Third Board market. Encourage venture capital to achieve market-based exit by means of mergers and acquisitions, and standardize the development of specialized M&A funds.

2, the "extension" of LED is more and more interesting

Ruifeng Optoelectronics announced that it canceled the Dongguan subsidiary (not actually carrying out business), and invested 2 million yuan (accounting for 53.2%) to establish a joint venture with 9 natural persons to establish Ruifeng Laser Film Technology Co., Ltd. to expand the company's laser products (laser applications, automobiles). The market for headlights and opto-mechatronics products.

3. There are two cross-border hotspots this year: education and sports

Alto Electronics announced that it has completed the industrial and commercial registration of the wholly-owned Sun Company's Qianhai Alto Sports (registered capital of 10 million yuan), based on the strategic layout of the company, and expanded the company's new business areas through investment in sports culture industry.

4, street light + Internet of Things + wisdom, imagination is very large

Philips Lighting released a new test project in Los Angeles, USA, which is deploying new technologies and Internet of Things (IoT) features, including sensors mounted on poles and software for receiving and analyzing data, while Share data with city units and promote more relevant collaboration opportunities.

5, to calm down completely, there is still a period of time

NVC Lighting announced that it has recently received a judgment from the Chongqing No. 1 Intermediate People's Court, requiring eight guarantors including Wu Changjiang and NVC China to repay the 35.497 million borrowed from a bank by Chongqing Enweixi Business Development Co., Ltd. Yuan Renminbi loans, plus additional interest. NVC has filed an appeal.

6. Will the recall become the norm in the future?

Recently, Zhuzhou City Lulu Lighting recalled some LED bulbs and LED ceiling lamps produced from March to May 2016, the number is 2100. Inconsistent color characteristics are one of the main reasons that affect vision.

7. Will the market supply be tight?

Yesterday evening, the dry photo optoelectronics announcement was affected by the typhoon “Morante”, which caused the factory water supply to be unstable, resulting in uncertainty in the time to resume production. Earlier, Sanan Optoelectronics announced that it has fully resumed production.

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