A-share company contact interactive CES 2017 launched VR retina glasses

On the morning of January 6th, the 2017 CES show kicked off in Las Vegas. A-share listed company contact (002280) released a number of new products such as air purification, VR glasses, drones and smartphone cases.

Contact Interactive focuses on the integration of intelligent hardware industry chain. At this CES exhibition, new products cover smart wear, smart home, Internet of Things and smart medical.

Among them, there are single-purpose hurricane portable air purifiers, vehicle-mounted intelligent purifiers and air monitors for air purification.

VR is Avegant virtual reality retina glasses, and now Avegant has reached a partnership with United to provide a "cinema-class" experience for first-class customers.

In the case of drones, the industrial-grade drone ET-1 was introduced. Unlike consumer drone products such as DJI, industrial-grade UAVs are more stable in performance, more endurable, and more scalable in function.

In addition, contact interaction also launched products such as smartphone case, MOPS heart rate headset and smart home routing.

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