A small transparent film can stick to the world!

I don't know if you still remember the black technology pad that Black Jun introduced last week. .

It is - Fixate.

It is amazing, anything can stick up!

Unfortunately, Fixate was already unable to buy at the end of crowdfunding. .

However, the witty black king will certainly not stop there, and finally found another magical omnipotent glue that can match it.


This is a small transparent film, its greatest ability is - special! can! sticky!

Give it a carrier, it can help you stick to the world!

Keys that are often not found. Hey, stick!

A mess of data lines. Hey, stick!

Nowhere to place the pen also has fallen. Hey, all stick!

Just sticking an iPhone is not an issue.

The iPad, which is heavier, is also problematic.

Can also be glued in the car, instead of the phone bracket!

Or stuck to the shading plate, traffic jam can also see a play.

A stikk can load 350g. If you want to stick overweight, buy a few more.

In this way, even a guitar can easily put on the wall. .

Think it is not suitable for volume, you can also cut it yourself.

Used to stick carpets to prevent slipping.

What's the problem?

Since it is so sticky, it will not be very sticky. .

The answer is not at all, great!

It is also very convenient to take it down, gently twist it, and there will be no trace of glue on it!

Very good elasticity, how to pull it to torture you, it will not be deformed.

Even if it's dirty, it's not afraid. Just put it in the water and wash it.

After drying it is a new all-purpose adhesive that can be reused more than 200 times, 200 times!

Really practical!

Later, at home, the remote control and keys, which are easily lost, stick them to the wall and are no longer afraid to find it!

I feel a little excited when I think about it.

The stikk has already been successfully raised in kickstarters at the beginning of the year and has received the support of more than 2,000 people. It is still very popular. .

Well, don't say it. Black Jun must rush home and throw away those disposable hooks. .

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SDR+V.26 SCSI Section

Small computer system interface (SCSI) is an independent processor standard for system level interfaces between computers and intelligent devices (hard disks, floppy drives, optical drives, printers, scanners, etc.). SCSI is an intelligent universal interface standard.

Small computer system interface (SCSI) is an independent processor standard used for system level interface between computer and intelligent devices (hard disk, floppy drive, optical drive, printer, scanner, etc.). SCSI is an intelligent universal interface standard

SDR+V.26 SCSI Section

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