A worthy TV set, Sharp 50′′ Internet TV evaluation

As a young man, trying to buy a suitable TV is really too difficult. He wants to buy domestic brands, he is afraid of lack of experience, and he has poor design. He wants to buy imported brands with strong power. After all, the price is not low, but he has limited financial resources. . So how to choose becomes the most difficult problem, not only the price is low, the function is better.

Now the price of an Apple mobile phone can be used to buy a TV, but it is still tangled up with the brand. Sharp just recently launched a Sharp Qing series of Internet TV, is specifically targeted at young people's products, I compared it and found that a variety of performance is good, the key is the price is beautiful, so I decided to buy a Sharp 50 吋 Internet TV to go home .

Sharp's mailing speed is so fast that he can quickly find out that he can unbox the box and feel excited. Sure enough, when the box was opened, it was first touched by Sharp's solid packaging, and the wooden frame was firmly set. The overall package was not damaged at all. The big brands are really service-oriented, and it's only close to them.

The carton is intact and new. Apart from anything else, start assembling right away. When assembling, it is still very cautious. After all, it is something that you like. Take it seriously.

Look at the back of the TV.

Smooth lines, black looks very advanced. Work is also very smooth, without any uncoordinated design.

The various interfaces on the back of the TV are clear at a glance, and they are arranged neatly, carefully and evenly to the right and left of the audio standard. It is estimated that the rookie of the dishes will not be mistaken, and all kinds of functions are complete. Yo.

There are also side, not only provides a complete standard interface, there are three HDMI and two USB interfaces, absolutely meet the personality needs of most consumers.

Put the TV back up and place it flat on the table. You can see that the back has not only a prominent load-bearing hook, but also can safely hang the TV on the wall to save space, and the thin and thick just won't feel heavy even on the TV cabinet. Humanized design.

There is also a sufficient radiator at the bottom of the TV to ensure a safe environment when the TV is in operation. The machine has good heat dissipation and long life. The key point is, the children are no longer afraid of being discovered by the parents after watching TV. Haha, kidding.

Say my feeling of opening the box, the biggest feeling is that it is "satisfaction", including reflections on the entire package, to ensure maximum protection from damage on the transport, in the details of the product is also reflected in the heart, you can see Solid workmanship, but also feature-rich.

With the installation of a TV set, one can't wait to start putting it into use. When watching TV, I found out that this Sharp 50-inch Internet TV was really thin. The thickness is about the same as my cell phone. The thinnest place is only 9.95mm, even less than 1cm. It seems that big brands can be big and reasonable. After all, people's technology and standards are there, and the televisions are so thin that neither the hanging nor the vertical are heavy.

With the TV remote controller is also very simple, completely without the complexity of the old-fashioned remote control. Although there are few buttons, they do not feel a bit inconvenient to use. Without the digital design of traditional TV channels, only the simple Android operating function keys are used. For users who have never used a smart TV, this remote control is greatly simplified, and the functions are very practical. If you are willing to go casually, When you click, you can feel that the design of this remote controller is not a day-to-day design, but it is well-intentioned, simple and not simple. When it comes to the remote control, I think at present, Xiaomi and Apple's remote control is too simple, but you have to say it is easy to use, and it is not very easy to use. After all, the remote control should be linked to the content, and the traditional TV remote control Too complicated, personally think that the sharp clear remote control is just good, it is more humane design.

There is another place where I am convinced, is the ultra-narrow design of the TV frame. With a narrow frame and a high utilization of the screen, this design greatly enhances the viewing experience.

As for Sharp's LCD screen quality, needless to say, is regarded as the world's top, Sharp's unique image quality adjustment technology, closer to the natural color, long-term viewing does not hurt the eyes, using a 4K ultra-clear screen, in color display The angle can be real and not dazzling, 4K ultra-clear screen and high-definition image processing engine, up to 3840*2160 ultra-high resolution, can have the most delicate and clear display effect, from the use of materials to the actual experience to give users the most Ok.

Come to the two screens close-up, this display is also clear no one else. Not only is the picture quality bright and the colors are vivid, but the key is the size, especially for young people. There are also young couples watching a movie at home. The Dolby DTS dual decoding in the surround sound theater not only gives the sound a sense of luxury and excitement, but also allows people to experience the effects of home theater.

[Ali UI Desktop]

As we all know, Sharp is already the best in the industry in terms of hardware, and Android has congenital advantages in the field of big data. The two parties have jointly built this Internet TV with great interest. The design, screen, and hardware configuration are just some of the aspects. At the system level, there is a unique Ali smart UI desktop. There is no need to worry about the fluency, content and resources of the system. Easy to use interface, whether it is the elders or children, no pressure to get started.

In practical use, all aspects of typesetting and color matching are good. The light architecture uses less memory to ensure no-dating operation, as well as voice search, unique PC wireless projection function, etc. These are just needed and interesting features. A good system is fundamental. Speaking of wireless projection, I really appreciate it here. Before the company's meeting with a PPT show had to use a variety of connections, the key is sometimes there is no response to the line, a bunch of people staring at the screen and my uncle's face. However, this Sharp TV can be wireless screen shot, only need to install an Ali number on the Windows system or Mac system to develop entertainment team "Ali Assistant" software, you can cast the contents of the computer screen in real time on the TV screen display . When the TV set was brought back I tried this function first. When I opened the small meeting two days ago, I also shouted the people in the department to the house and gave a good display.

Even when used at work, the big screen is super cool and I feel even more efficient. For example, to repair a picture or something, and then perfect.

It is worth mentioning that his resources, the content side has Youku Tudou exclusive members, with 720 days of TV Youku membership, not only no advertising, but also the priority to enjoy the latest hit TV dramas, such as "smile" just released Movies can also be seen on this TV. Integrating home entertainment, family activities, social networking, shopping, and home health and wellness, the Sharp TV ecosystem can always meet the needs of consumers. Because nowadays Internet TV fights content, if there is no content, it is just a "television". There is no difference with the 70s and 80s.

Sharp 50-inch Internet TV's unique color adjustment technology in the image adjustment can be described as very professional, you can automatically adjust the picture quality according to the state of the image, so that the picture is vivid, I used it to read "speed and passion 7", "Wilderness Hunters and other Hollywood blockbusters, visual effects are very shocking, there is no screen drag and feel, very smooth, is completely cinematic enjoyment.

The system setting is more convenient for different users to adjust according to their own preferences, making the TV more intelligent, more fun, and better enjoyment.

Young people buy televisions, of course, in addition to watching videos and playing games. Sharp's 50-inch TV has a 64-bit high-performance processor, a dual-core CPU, and a dual-core GPU that can handle 32 times of the traditional 32-bit data at a time. This equipment makes the game not play cards at all, and H.265 is extremely hard. Decoding allows the video volume to be compressed smaller and transmitted faster, but it can also save up to 50% of the bandwidth, and how smooth and smooth it is to use. Can also come to a friend at home party, through the "Ali Assistant" software, each person's mobile phone can be turned into a game controller, to a multiplayer game play is quite awkward.

【to sum up】

Sharp has always been a leader in the television industry, whether brand or quality. Sharp's research and effort in this area is also a place for users to feel at ease. Time can test everything. Sharp is doing this, using excellent quality to withstand the test of time, so as to win the confidence of more users. This time, Sharp purchased 50 Internet TVs. I think it maximizes the fun and convenience for young people. It also guides young people how to choose and buy TV sets.

From software to hardware, Sharp's Internet TV is not as floating as other brands on the market. Instead, it strives to be better as an old brand and develops products that allow more users to feel at ease. Noble and noble, it is the continuation of high quality, more people-friendly, younger character.

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