ABI: The market size of the new generation of game consoles will shrink

According to statistics from market research company ABI Research, shipments of the eighth-generation game consoles from the three major game console companies, Sony and Nintendo, Microsoft, are expected to accumulate 1.33 units in the five years before listing, which is higher than the seventh The sales volume of 1.4 units sold within 5 years after the launch of the new generation of game consoles decreased.

ABI said that Microsoft and Sony are expected to launch the latest game consoles-Xbox One and Sony PlayStaTIon 4 during the 2013 holiday season. The company said that the latest game consoles seem to be evenly matched, and that game content will become the main market segment.

ABI also pointed out that there are several new companies in the market that have also launched game consoles, such as Ouya, making this competition increasingly fierce. In particular, these new game consoles tend to be cheaper; for example, Ouya launches an Android-based set-top box that can stream games to a TV at a price of only $ 99.

The new type of Android game console is seeking a niche market, but it is likely to be hit by the lack of differentiated game content. ABI senior analyst Michael Inouye said, "Many gaming market segments continue to embrace mobile devices, such as smartphone games, which is likely to be one of the reasons for limiting the sales of eighth-generation game consoles."

wii U

Since the Nintendo Wii U went public in the US in November last year, sales have not been as expected.

Michael Inouye said: "However, even if China decides to lift the ban on gaming consoles in the near future, it may increase the shipments of seventh-generation consoles in the short term, but the contribution to the eighth-generation shipments is still very limited."

ABI Business Director Sam Rosen said: “Despite this, we do not expect gaming console users to decrease rapidly or bring significant changes to the low-development Asian and Latin American gaming console markets because there is no What a lot of growth opportunities. "

(Author: Dylan McGrath compiled: Susan Hong)

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