Acoustic processing of the actual HIFI listening room

[Home Theater Network] We all know that there are three basic steps to play hifi audio. One is equipment matching, the other is perfect surrounding, and the third is space processing. The first two items we have discussed on the Internet have been very much. The only thing we talked about in the third item is very few. Why? Because we are too lack of experience in space processing practice, we can't talk about it.

Why do we say that space processing is so important? That is because when the unit completes the electrical and acoustic conversion, the sound waves have been affected more or less by the environment when they reach our ears. At this time, we often evaluate the sound related to the unit and all the equipment in front, including nails, plates, wires, power supplies and so on. Therefore, it is particularly important to carry out effective and necessary space treatments that are suitable for the environment.

Acoustic processing of the actual HIFI listening room

Why have we never thought about whether we have any problems with our sense of hearing? We love music and play hifi for many years. With the growth of seniority, the appreciation of music should be gradually improved, and we should know the state of good voice rationally. But the fact is not optimistic. The phrase "I like the sound is a good voice" is really representative. Hifi replays the two-channel recording and restores the sound field and environment during recording. There is a certain balance standard. Including left middle right, front middle and back, high and low sound field balance. Space processing is sure to be reproducible. This is a requirement and a must-have for us. With such a sense of hearing to tune, it will not be unreasonable to evaluate the products of some large audio equipment manufacturers at home and abroad. This is not good, that is not good. I will not be a boss, I will not engage in space, and I have no experience to talk about. However, he was mistaken for the children, threatening the first brother and putting the accounts on the equipment. This is not only a request for us to appreciate the appreciation of music, but also to correct our attitude towards sound perception, but more to overcome our psychological barriers.

In recent years, I have devoted myself to space processing and accumulated some experience. There are successes and failures. But in short, it is necessary. Regardless of the expensive equipment, regardless of the size of the fever, the processing space is in no particular order. If you are involved, you will definitely get good and even unexpected joy. Space processing is nothing more than three means of diffusion, absorption and reflection. Although this is a relatively systematic project, we can dissect the role and mystery of each means one by one. These elements are then organically combined to form a complete, balanced, and correct sound field. I heard beautiful, natural, and we love music very much.

Let's talk about the treatment of the ceiling. We use a diffuser plate for one-third of the ceiling and stick it on the top between the emperor and the speaker.


Why do you want to do this? It is to reproduce the reverberation and ending rhyme from the dome of the concert hall. We know that when listening to concerts on the spot, you should be aware that the rich space reverberation and tail rhyme are the top position of the concert hall, and our general home floor height will not exceed 3 meters, plus some frequency bands. Balance, these reverberations and rhymes and halls will be wiped out. The sound will dry up and the high frequency extension will be insufficient. The top-level diffusion process is used to preserve the subtle elements present in these records, otherwise large-area ceilings will have a large amount of direct sound reflection. Caused by the upper part of the oppression. Through diffusion, there is a kind of openness, space is very tall, loose, rich texture. For example: Tsai Chin folk songs the first "who is" quasi-word, the word sound falls, there is about two seconds of the end rhyme is from the top, not the front. The sense of presence is very strong.

The purpose, methods and requirements for ceiling diffusion treatment are described above. Now let's talk about what to do next. The height problem of the sound field is solved, and in addition to the strong sense of space, texture and rich details in the sense of hearing. There is also a phenomenon in which the medium and high frequency are very balanced and the amount of feeling is excessive. At this time, we can take the method of absorbing both sides of the wall. To adjust the width balance of the sound field, while absorbing part of the middle and high frequencies and leaving the high frequency extension. We quantified the width of the sound field into seven equal parts. The left speaker is the extreme left, the speaker is left, the middle and left between the speaker and the center point, and the center port is centered, so push it to the right.

The requirement is that the sound is very average from left to right, and there can be no particular highlight or vice versa. When the band is playing, it can clearly hear the sound of all the instruments.

Sound absorbing materials can be used, divided into two to three pieces, which are hung on the upper and lower centers of the two sides of the wall.


The method is: moving the sound absorbing material back and forth (can't move up and down), matching the distance between the speakers and the adjustment of the inner cymbal angle. Too much absorption, the sound image will be too concentrated. All instruments will stick together, absorb too little, and the result will be the same. It is important to note that one is to cooperate; the other is to adjust the balance only, not the others. So this adjustment cannot be done at one time. It will be several times, dozens of times.

Use the Beethoven Triple Concerto to listen to the string quintet between the violin and the cello, or Philips Mozart, and whether there is a distance between the second violin and the viola.

I have talked about the basic methods and points of adjusting the height and width of the sound field twice. Today I will talk about how to adjust the depth and level of the sound field.

The depth and level are like the depth of field in the photo, to distinguish the layers of the scene, while seeing the distance between the scenes.

At the level of the sound image of the sound field, we require that the front end not exceed the front baffle of the speaker, and the back end can reach the back wall of the speaker or further. The basic layering is divided into 3 layers. The first layer in front is the string, violin and cello in the symphony orchestra. The second layer in the middle is the second violin and viola. The third layer is a brass instrument, blow, or other color instrument. Usually we say that the mouth position should be at the middle layer. It is important to note that there is still a high and low gap between the front and back levels. The front is low and the rear is high, and it is stepped upwards. The upper and lower distances are approximately twenty to thirty centimeters from the first layer to the third layer of the eye level.


The method is to use two secondary residual diffusion plates to hang on the back wall of the two sides of the speaker, and hang the same at the center of the ceiling and the ground (cannot move up and down) like the hanging material of the sound absorbing material. The front and rear positions are movable back and forth between the speaker and the rear wall to adjust the depth of the second level and the distance between the first and third levels.

The back wall of the speaker can be used for sound absorbing materials, hanging from the center of the ceiling and the ground, leaving about six or seven centimeters left and right. The center mouth type position is attached to the diffusion plate. Can be moved up and down, not left and right.

The purpose is to absorb the excess medium-high frequency reflection on the back wall of the speaker, and at the same time spread the mouth shape, making the central sound image more embossed and three-dimensional. The above three steps must be coordinated and repeated.

The sound field adjusted in this way, sitting in the emperor's position, can clearly see the front row of strings, the middle row of wood pipes, the rear row of copper pipes and the height difference and front and rear distance of the strike. And the sound pressure is balanced before and after, regardless of the size of the works have a strong sense of the scene, more skills, please add WeChat: cnhifi.

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