All day to accompany you - Light Shadow V8 projector first experience

A blink of an eye in 2017, today is January 1, 2017. Day by day, life is changing, and often when it is far away: Light phones, upstairs and downstairs, are really far away. This is the people's desire in the 1970s. With the popularity of electricity, television has gradually entered the world of life. TVs have experienced black and white to color, and television and transistor TVs have rapidly developed into integrated circuit televisions. At present, television is moving toward intelligence, digitization, and versatility. Speaking for a long time, some TVs were off topic and pulled back. Nowadays, various kinds of smart projections are booming, and they have a tendency to replace TV. Today, we have brought you a Micro Shadow V8 projector.

We are fortunate to once again participate in Fengmian Small Stack Windrunners - Light Shadow V8 projector trial trial, high-definition smart projector is a projector for business entertainment for personal use, smart and aesthetic coexistence of non-screen TV, can be built at home theater Effect. It's all nonsense to say more, how is it? Participate in the trial of micro-cast music Z1. After the experience, the friend asked the most is the image? This time will focus on the image.

Out of the box

Light Shadow V8 projector or cardboard box packaging, and Z1 white packaging, the whole body ink black, a mysterious feeling full of color, but also revealing solemn and elegant. The design of the pattern is more concise. The 1:1 front view of the product is also printed on the front of the Z1 box. This time only a golden L is printed in the front center and the product name is in the lower right corner. Both sides of the front and back are printed with “Light Technology and Life” and the color of the product. Nothing else.

Light Shadow V8 accessories are still very rich, including the new flying mouse remote control, HDMI cable, USB adapter cable and power adapter.

The squirrel remote control is also the first contact. As the name suggests, it is a mouse that can fly in the air! The flying squirrel remote control has a built-in gyroscope that can sense changes in direction and speed without touching the desktop. Just by waving the mouse in the air, you can precisely control the device. The squirrel uses 2.4GHz wireless interface, built-in 3-axis gyroscope and 3-axis accelerometer, page selection and operation more convenient and quick.

The shell of the remote control is made of plastic material and has a kind of frosted feel. Some of the buttons are soft silicone. They have a good feel and are ergonomically shaped. The back is a circular arc design, which makes the grip comfortable. Less keys, only 11 roses, the operation is relatively simple. Although there are not many buttons, it is also very handy to use with a mouse. There is no problem with blind operation at night, and you can also play somatosensory games.

The experience product is silver, and it is said that there is still gold and black. I still prefer this kind of silver, which is high-end, strong sense of fashion, and full of science and technology. The main body is made of aluminum-titanium alloy material, with a tough appearance and light texture. It will not leave traces for small scratches during use. The use of security is still very high. The surface is frosted and will not stain the ash. Texture. A molding, exquisite craftsmanship, creating like a work of art, fashion, simple, extraordinary atmosphere.

The size of the Light Shadow V8 mainframe is 225×170×3.2mm, which is smaller than the average notebook. Oh, the size of the notebook used for writing is quite similar. This size of clothes can not fit the bag, but you can easily take away a small bag, it is still very convenient to carry.

The host uses a symmetrical design that is in line with Chinese aesthetic requirements. The lens is in the front middle position, belonging to the high-light coated lens, the projection screen is more transparent, the use of LED light source life up to 30,000 hours or more, the resolution is 1280x720dpi compatible 1080P, the brightness is 300ANSI lumens, the lens is 12mm aperture size, the zoom ratio is 1.07 . The lack of lens design for the lens is not a lens cover, just a few days, the lens will be covered with dust.

Both sides of the lens are heat-dissipating screens. The Light V8 uses 102G pure copper heatsinks, which can be viewed through the right heat-dissipating screen. With 5,700 rpm fans, the cooling effect is still good. When the screen is displayed, the hand is placed on the side of the heat-dissipating network. The hot air is obviously discharged and the air is continuously displayed. The body temperature will not rise. With strong heat dissipation, noise is unavoidable. For the mute introduced in the data, it is difficult to agree that there is no measuring device at hand, and the noise can reach 30 decibels.

On both sides of the fuselage is an aluminum alloy mesh structure, are speaker sound hole, symmetrical on both sides, to achieve dual horn resonance, built-in 2 * 5W stereo speakers, using the latest Dolby sound technology, use 4 European independent audio system, sound effects Nice. Through audition, it is also quite satisfactory. Although there is no outstanding performance in the mid-high range, it is equivalent to ordinary television. If you have special requirements for sound quality, you can use a wired or Bluetooth external audio device.

The only button at the top is the power switch, a power switch key with a light display, a blue light during standby when powered on, and a red light when the power is on. The indicator light is not very bright.

Above the lens is a focusing wheel, which is easy to operate by adjusting the focus wheel for manual focusing.

The back part is also an aluminum alloy mesh structure, with multiple interfaces in the middle. From left to right, there is a 13.5V power supply interface, Micro USB, Reset key, HDM HD interface, TF card slot, 3.5mm headphone jack, and Mircosb output. Interface is rich, not used to the place is only a USB interface, was occupied by the flying mouse receiver, in fact, everyone's most commonly used external storage or USB.

The bottom is clean, only four non-slip mats, to ensure that the machine will not affect the viewing and use after moving, but also avoid scratching the placed furniture surface. A little regret, there is no hanging threaded hole in the middle, greatly limiting the flexibility of use.


This experience is V8, but the system is still Z1. The use of Android smart system 4.4.4, and according to the specificity of the projector made a deep customization, pre-installed a variety of software, basically meet the needs of users. According to the function, it can be divided into three parts: practical function, application and setting. In addition to the necessary video, music, photo album, and live TV, the functions of web browsing, screen sharing, and mobile office can be used.

After the last experience of Z1, the friend asked the most is the image effect, this time the most important image. For a projector, the most critical parameter is the brightness, which is also the key parameter that determines the image effect. The professional name is ISO lumens, micro cast music light shadow V8 HD smart projector 300 ISO lumens, in order to achieve a good projection effect, free to use during the day.

This trial is mainly conducted in the restaurant. The projection distance is 2.4 meters. There is no curtain and it is projected directly on the wall. The effect will have a certain influence. With a projection width of 2.5 meters, it really has a cinema effect.

The most important parameter of the projector is brightness, the professional name is ISO lumens, and the 270 ANSI lumens of the LIGHT Shadow V8 HD Smart Projector can achieve a very good projection effect.

In the night off lights, the images can be comparable to high-definition advertising, really bright colors, highlighting the details. (The picture above is the original picture, the figure below is the projection picture, the same below)

If you zoom in on the original image, it seems that the projection effect is much worse, especially the original HD image, the effect is still different.

On the other hand, for projection, the average person would not be too close to viewing. For general quality pictures, this figure can still be restored.

Many people are concerned about whether or not they can watch during the day. If you still want to open the curtains to see a 2.5-meter widescreen during the day, it is really difficult.

However, as long as you sacrifice the size of the screen, you can see it, and the image is still as clear as night. The following figure shows the effect of a one-meter distance projection, which is very clear.

You can also narrow the distance and the image will be clearer.

For no screen television, the most used in the home is live TV and video playback. Pre-installed television homes can watch almost all of China's live TV programs. If users have special needs, they can also customize them through live broadcast sources. TV cats are also good on-demand software. All kinds of resources are well-categorized and programs are updated quickly. I like to listen to operas. It can be said that everything is here. Of course, if the pre-installed software does not meet the requirements, you can install the software yourself. Users who have used the smart TV or TV box will understand how to operate it.

Of course, as a smart projector, the function is still many. Can, photo editing, web browsing, smart office, play games, early childhood education, family karaoke. If you have installed the right software, search the weather, stocks, and shopping, as long as the brain can do, this can basically be achieved.

Operating experience

Let's talk about the next operation, with the flying mouse, the operation is very convenient. The following is a brief description of keystone correction, graphic zooming, and projection methods.

If the projector has an angle with the screen, perform keystone correction before projecting. Micro drag music LIGHT shadow V8 HD smart projector has plus or minus 20 degrees of correction. The parallel projection of the figure below is a positive and negative effect of 20.

The size of the house is not easy to change. Our projection should be suitable for the home situation. This is indeed the case. At the same projection distance, the image size can be easily adjusted, and the length and height can be adjusted separately.

Although there are no hanging threaded holes, there are four projection methods in the system: front projection, rear projection, ceiling projection, and ceiling projection. Users can choose according to the actual situation. The following figure is not very awkward, is the rear projection mode.

Summary and Suggestions

Through a few days of micro-cast music LIGHT video V8 experience, the overall feeling is really good, the host itself is beautiful and stylish, simple operation, clear image effect is good. The main reason is that it is easy to carry and carry around. Every night, she enters the bedroom to watch a movie and entertains herself without affecting the rest of the family.

I am not satisfied with the place, the first is the speaker's sound quality, although you can put a remedy, or hope to be able to improve the sound quality; Second, you should add a lens cap, the lens still need protection; Finally, hope to increase the threaded hole.

Although I have a little, I still recommend everyone, if you want to change TV, you can consider micro-cast music LIGHT shadow V8 smart projector. A small projector will create your home theater. Do you not experience the effects of cinema at home?

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