Analysis of Development Trend of Portable Power Industry in 2012

So far, the domestic mobile power market has reached more than 30 million units, and the total production reached more than 5 billion yuan. The huge market has attracted thousands of companies to flock. The trend forecasts that in 2015 it will exceed 50 million units and the total output will exceed 8 billion yuan. In the next 10 years, the scale of power production in the country will reach 930 million kilowatts, with an average annual production capacity of 90 million kilowatts or more. The corresponding supply capacity of power generation equipment will be about 120 million kilowatts, and the country will put into production 890,000 kilowatts of 110 kilovolt and above lines. With a capacity of around 4.8 billion kVA, this huge market has attracted the attention of global companies. With the development of mobile Internet terminal equipment in the direction of small-scale portability, consumers have also shown a stronger demand for mobile power performance. According to market research, in this huge market demand, the mobile power market is erupting in 2012. Growth. Although it is currently impossible to tell which brands will be the winners in this knockout round, the future mobile power market will be a highly concentrated market for brands, with mainstream brands occupying the majority of the market. In recent years, with the transfer of international manufacturing industries and the accumulation of domestic companies' manufacturing and R&D experiences, China has gradually achieved certain breakthroughs in some consumer switching power supply and desktop PC power supply market segments, and has grown a number of power supplies with certain competitive advantages. Enterprises, but due to the widespread nature of the power application industry, caused a certain market segmentation, the overall market concentration is not high, the Chinese companies in the industry are mainly small businesses. With the gradual development of miniaturization, thinness, light weight, and high-frequency power, it is expected that the output value of light, thin, small, and high-frequency switching power supplies will increase more than the output value of the entire power supply industry.

According to market research, during the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” period, with the further development of China’s information industry and the intensification of enterprise informatization, the market for customized power supply products will continue to grow steadily, but only custom power supply products and industrial customer services are available for manufacturers. The full integration can create more value for customers. 78% of the world’s mobile power is purchased in China. First, because China is a labor-intensive region, processing costs are low. Secondly, the main components of mobile power—lithium batteries are all produced in China, facilitating transportation and reducing procurement costs; 85% of China Mobile's production and operating companies are concentrated in Shenzhen. The huge amount of international purchases will drive a new round of China Mobile's power supply industry chain. In 2011, China's power industry output value increased to 130.4 billion yuan, an increase of 11.26% over 2010. In 2015, China's power industry output value will reach 215.6 billion yuan, and average annual compound growth will increase by 13.39% in 2011-2015. The analysis of search indicator data from 2006 to 2012 shows that from 2007 to 2010, the search volume for mobile power is still at a low level. From the second half of 2010 to 2012, the rapid increase in search data is almost The line soared. And based solely on the calculation of Apple's 10% market and its associated digital devices, the mobile power market in 2012 will be at least 5 billion. The market share of large-scale power companies in the power industry will increase significantly. It is expected that the industry concentration will reach 80% at the end of 2012, but this depends on the market's consumption potential. According to market survey data, in 2012, China The portable energy consumption market will increase by 30%-50% over 2011.

2012-2016 Portable Power Industry China Market Trends Prediction I. Capacity Forecast for Portable Power Industry Mobile power is widely used in mobile phones, digital products and other electronic products. The trend is more and more obvious. According to the authoritative opinion provided by relevant parties, Apple's series of products as a standard, market sales of Apple's 10% of products is probably the market share of mobile power.

According to market research, Apple surpassed Samsung Electronics in the fourth quarter of 2011 to become the world's largest smartphone maker. According to data analysis, Apple sold a total of 3,460,000 smartphones in the fourth quarter of 2011. In addition, Apple’s smartphone market share increased from 15.8% in the same period in 2010 to 23.8%.

Apple’s rival Samsung Electronics sold 34 million smart phones in the fourth quarter of 2011. This data means that, just taking the Apple series as an example, it means that the total market power of mobile power will reach 3546*10%=3.546 million units of mobile power, and the average price of each mobile power will be 150 yuan/set. The value of this is: 500 million yuan/year. This is definitely a conservative figure because it has not yet been calculated for other smartphone markets.

The IPAD and the number of domestically-made tablets have not yet been calculated here. In fact, the tablet needs more support from mobile power. And are absolutely large-capacity mobile power, the current market, the Tablet PC's battery is commonly used 3000mAh, then the game-based, entertainment-oriented Tablet PC battery life has naturally become a big problem. From the point of view of market sales brands, mobile power exceeding 5000mAh is basically at a price of more than 300 yuan.

If this part is added, the market share of mobile power will be even greater.

There have been two recent news reports. The first is that the screen of IPHONE5 will be 4.7 inches, and its power consumption is predictable. The second said that IPAD2 will be forced to pass the national 3C certification and will consume more power.

All kinds of products and signs indicate that mobile phones and digital manufacturers will not increase the capacity of the battery because of security, because this will cause the device to be insecure. Not long ago, a U.S. mobile phone battery exploded in the U.S. example.

Second, the portable power industry needs market research The rapid development of high-end electronic products and higher performance requirements to promote the development of power technology, mainly in:

1. Adopt new technology or new power supply mode to improve power efficiency;

2, higher integration, including multiple sets of power output integration, integrated digital control functions and protection functions;

3, to improve the flexibility of power supply design, including a wider input voltage range and output programmable settings;

4, advanced packaging technology, these new packaging technology brings more optimized thermal management and smaller PCB footprint.

According to market research, power management integrators (PMUs) are typical power integration solutions that typically integrate multiple power regulators and control functions. However, there are some disagreements about the development trend of this type of product: Donald E, vice president of power supply business of Linear Technology. Paulus is not optimistic about such products, he believes that this program lacks flexibility and can not meet the needs of the rapidly changing market; Philips Semiconductor Marketing Manager Huang Guangzhong of the semiconductor market in multiple markets in Asia Pacific has affirmed the inevitability of the application of this product, and pointed out that Philips The PMU department has been established. Currently, PCF50604 and other series solutions have been launched; ON Semiconductor has already launched the NPC4115, a PMU product integrating seven LDOs.

The trend toward integration of peripheral devices and necessary protection functions is jointly recognized, and integration of power regulators with MOSFETs is an inevitable trend, and both ON Semiconductor and Philips may launch such power solutions in 2015. The buck-boost function unique to Linear Technology's power supply solution uses a regulator integrated with four MOSFETs. Such products can be used for image voltages ranging from 2.7 to 3.6. In the Li-battery-powered application, V achieves a stable output of 3.3V over the full voltage input range and achieves 90% efficiency. In addition, ON Semiconductor's product plan for AC-DC applications also takes transformer leakage inductance into account in chip designs, integrates timers within the chip for safety protection, and simplifies external designs.

In addition, the integration of digital technology with power ICs offers greater flexibility in power supply design. Applications of such technologies include the switching frequency programmable control of switching power supplies to avoid sensitive frequency bands in some product designs, the use of digital technology for voltage monitoring, the provision of management interfaces, and the provision of DC converter outputs via digital buses. Intel's ACPI (Advanced Configuration Power Interface) and National Semiconductor's PowerWise and other system power management interface standards reflect this trend and will be gradually accepted by the industry.

High-end display products have become the focus of power supply providers, including LCD TVs and monitors, PDP TVs, rear projections and front projections. According to iSupli data analysis, shipments of global display products from 2005 to 2008 reached 200 million units, of which the growth rates of LCD TVs, front projection and LCD displays will reach 58%, 32% and 26%, respectively. LCDs, PDPs, and projection display technologies have become a reality in place of traditional CRTs. This trend not only brings about the revolution of the display products themselves, but also changes in the power supply technology behind them.

Research Institute of China Polytech Industries Corporation believes that in the traditional CRT color TV, the circuit board size and heat dissipation problems are easy to solve, and the cost factor is sensitive, so the linear power supply dominates. The opposite is true for flat panel display technologies such as LCDs and high-end rear projection and front projection products. These products require more stable circuit performance, smaller PCB footprint, and better thermal characteristics, prompting manufacturers to adopt high-performance power management solutions. At present, the general TV standby power consumption is lower than 3W, and the high performance solution is as low as 0.3W. According to a senior researcher from China Institute of Science and Technology, although the relatively high efficiency of the high-performance power supply solution is only a few watts in absolute terms, it reduces the PCB size and power consumption of the power supply itself because it reduces the number of peripheral devices and simplifies the heat dissipation design. Therefore, the stability of the circuit can be increased, and the low power consumption can also save the material cost and the heat dissipation cost of the components. In addition, the new solution has obvious advantages in the degree of integration, resulting in savings in inventory management costs, especially for high-volume products and export markets will bring a certain degree of competitive advantage.

High-end display products also impose higher requirements on the performance of the power supply. The PDP power supplies the display circuit and the screen, and provides the maintenance voltage and the scanning voltage of the driving circuit, 5V, 12V, and 15V of the control and interface circuit, and must also provide overvoltage, overcurrent protection, and power supply operation timing for display failures. Control; large-screen LCD TV backlight cold cathode fluorescent lamp (CCFL) driver requires careful control of high-voltage high-frequency alternating current to accurately control the brightness, while ensuring the stability of the picture. These application requirements present new challenges for power supply design engineers.

The ON Semiconductor NCP1653 power factor correction (PFC) chip and NCP1230 PWM chip combination can be used for PDP power supply. This solution can turn off the PFC and enter the skip cycle mode under light load to effectively improve the efficiency under light load or no-load. The company's PFC chip for applications over 75W uses a unique fixed-frequency discontinuous mode of operation, enabling the power factor to reach more than 0.9 under any load condition, making it suitable for LCD TVs and displays. Philips launched UBA203x drivers and UBA207x drivers that use the latest TrenchMOS technology for UHP and CCFL for front projection and rear projection.

Power supply application has a new bright spot. There is some disagreement in the contribution of the personal multimedia player that integrates the display function to the growth of the power supply market: Jiang Jialiang, product manager of analog integrated circuit in Asia Pacific of ON Semiconductor, is optimistic about the future prospects of such investment projects and believes that such products will become the source of power market growth. One of them; Linear's Paulus also expressed the same point of view, and plans to launch related power solutions based on the company's Buck-boost technology; and Huang Guangzhong does not like the prospect of such products, he believes that the media player function will be more Integrates into other products, such as mobile phones. Due to the adoption of a micro hard drive and a 3.5-inch color display, the media player's power consumption problem will inevitably become the key to product design. High-performance power supplies must be the design of choice.

According to market research, Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology is expected to become a bright spot for communications power growth. By 2007, the compound annual growth rate of PoE functional chips will reach 55%, and in 2007 it will reach 496 million. The PoE solution provider PowerDsine has announced that the IEEE has established a new 802.3 research group to discuss the upgrade of the IEEE PoE802.3af standard. The upgraded PoE standard defines a higher power level. PoE will be used more in emerging Ethernet terminals such as videophones, and the new standard is expected to bring PoE's more potential market. In addition, the contribution of xDSL modems and wireless LANs to the power supply market is also growing rapidly. iSuppli expects that compound growth will reach 40% and 31% respectively in the next four years.

The popularity of computers and digital cameras has brought about a rapid growth in the printer market. Jiang Jialiang believes that the future printer will become a new growth point in the power market. This view has also been recognized by Huang Guangzhong. He believes that the price of the printer itself can be accepted by ordinary consumers. On the other hand, the popularity of digital cameras and computers in the family The printing needs of ordinary families have increased. Since the printer is usually in standby mode, the printer will tend to use a higher-performance power solution as the demand for low power consumption increases.

Industry research experts at China Industry Research Network believe that the PDA market continues to shrink while portable DVDs remain sluggish. The contribution of these two types of portable products to the power market will continue to diminish. As the main force of the traditional power supply market, communication equipment has grown slowly in recent years, mainly due to the reduction in investment in communications infrastructure in recent years. At present, there are large inventories of communication power products, and the global market growth prospects are not optimistic. The industry hopes that 3G communications investment can bring new opportunities.

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