Analysis of the current status and development prospects of LED lighting industry in 2016

Time passed quickly. In the twinkling of an eye, the 2016 Guangya exhibition was over. As a lighting media person who participated in the 4 years Guangya Exhibition, Xiaobian interviewed many industry leaders, including engineers, designers and enterprises. Executives, university professors, etc., listen to them to explore the future development direction of the lighting industry from this Guangya exhibition.

How to treat the current difficult situation in the lighting industry?

LED lighting companies have a good time and some have a hard time, which is normal. But the most feared is that companies with high technology and good products have a hard time, and they have a good time to go. This industry is in trouble. I hope that the peers will return to the lighting, improve the technology, do a good job of the products, and the industry ecology is good. It should make the good enterprises better, and the bad enterprises will be difficult or even closed down.

At present, LED lighting companies are facing difficulties. At present, the number of LED lighting companies in China is too large, and it is unique in the world. The accounts receivable also reflects the current capital situation of enterprises. The LED cost is high, and the general lighting competition is already fierce. In the cold winter, doing business The first priority is to keep cash flow, not to let the cash flow break, and cash and blood will not fall.

About the future LED industry pattern

In the future, the advancement of the LED industry will appear in the same way as the progress and development of the electronics industry. It will be reborn with the traditional light source industry. As long as we observe and study the overall organizational structure changes experienced by the electronics industry, mergers and acquisitions With the emergence of the industry chain more subdivided, we can learn from and find out the direction in which the future LED industry will advance.

LED lighting applications tend to mature, and the light efficiency gradually becomes saturated and stable. The process of chip light source packaging will shift the focus of attention from heat dissipation to pursuit of high reliability and high quality lighting quality due to the light-to-heat ratio crossing the balance point, no longer blindly pursue improvement. Light effect. The performance of lighting source, equipment, system and control returns to the quality of high-quality lighting that is oriented by the comfort of the human eye.

The price and reliability of the products are gradually stable. Consumers are generally accepting LED lighting products. The market can be expected, but the profits of lighting sources, equipment and systems are reduced to a stable level. The optoelectronic wave technology used in the lighting project has subsided. The overall lighting industry tends to be rational and calm in the industry.

This wave of enthusiasm has subsided, and it is up to the truly meaningful intelligent lighting control to enhance the value of lighting and product value-added. Combining human-engineering-based health lighting with a control method that fully respects the convenience of consumer habits, it is true. The wisdom of lighting, the current mobile APP control mode retreats to the supporting role, the intelligent intelligent control constructed with sensors and microcomputer chips is the new hope, becoming lighting technology and engineering applications 4.0.

LED lighting is the fourth or fifth generation of lighting products, and so far, there has not been a technology that can really replace LED. Then there is a huge technological improvement space for LED lighting products. From the source chip to the package to the downstream lighting application, the future products will be more energy-efficient, longer life, easier to control, smarter and more personalized. Therefore, the LED lighting industry still has a long way to go, and the prospects will become brighter and brighter.

After the rapid development of the previous two years, everyone is more rational this year, slowly returning to the advantages of LED products themselves to make a fuss, products pay more attention to the improvement of light efficiency and light quality, more energy-saving, can bring customers a better lighting experience.

In 2015, society and the economy entered a new normal, and the lighting industry also developed on the road of the new normal. However, the new normal also represents that the entire industry will become more rational, stable, and less speculative, resulting in market chaos, which is undoubtedly very beneficial for some manufacturers who do products in the market. Therefore, the arrival of the new normal will undoubtedly promote the healthy development of the entire industry. At the same time, it will also be a big wave of sand, "selection of merit", "poor students" will be kicked out, "progressive students" stand out, the original "eugenics" will further integrate resources and continue to pilot . In this market environment, we must continue to cultivate "internal strength", use products to gain customer trust and gain market recognition.

About smart lighting trends

In recent years, intelligent lighting is indeed the demand and trend of the industry, mainly because the LED is listed as a multi-point electrical product, and is no longer a continuation of the traditional light source. Therefore, in a wave of electrical appliances, such development is not difficult to predict. of. Any development seems to have a cycle. If it is too hot, it will always cool down. When the new technology breaks through, it will heat up again. It does not feel that it will definitely become a bubble: [Technology always comes from human nature]. Whether it is design, or the rapid development of products, as long as it is from the perspective of human needs, there will always be resonance, or innovation may eventually change the habits and life of human beings.

At present, there are mixed phenomena in the development of smart lighting in China. How to find a suitable development direction in the process of chaos, including business model, technology research and development, etc., to complete these solid foundation work, in order to provide users with experience comparison Good smart lighting home. At present, many so-called intelligent lighting is the function of lighting plus control, but this function has appeared many years ago. The control system can only establish a very reasonable application relationship with the Internet, cloud platform and lighting system itself, in order to create a solution for intelligent lighting. This is the trend of the times and will surely enter our daily life.

In the future, the industry should be polarized, and the products have characteristics (good shape, high cost performance, intelligent function and so on), and the channels have advantages, and the companies with characteristic technical services will get better and better.

Intelligentization is not only the development trend in the field of lighting, but also the development trend of the whole world. Just like Darwin's theory of evolution, people tend to develop towards the direction of life more beneficial to themselves. The essence of intelligent lighting is electronic and network. The lighting can better meet the actual needs of others, not only simplifying the operation, but also facilitating management, and saving manpower and financial resources. The development of intelligent lighting is huge, and with the improvement of living standards, the application of intelligent lighting will become more and more popular, which will become a major trend in the development of the lighting industry.

About the development prospects of the lighting industry

In the future, the proportion of people's access to information through vision will increase, the scope of use of light will also expand, and the desire to manipulate light will be stronger. The professional demand of the lighting industry will be stronger, the industry will be more prosperous, and the contribution to human life will be greater.

Looking at the problem from a development perspective, I think the future lighting industry will get better and better.

We know that with the continued prosperity of material civilization, urbanization and people's emotional requirements will become higher and higher. The great atmosphere of the lights (urban lights) and the small atmosphere (public indoor spaces and home lighting) are closely related to this emotional need. The entire lighting industry will be increasingly segmented into different application markets, so it will be better. But this new market segment will have higher and higher quality requirements.

In this way, the entire lighting industry is particularly important from the scientific and artistic design of the project to the technical requirements of the product and the implementation process perfectly combined with the scene. The challenges are getting higher and higher, and naturally, products and enterprises that are lagging behind the market competition will be eliminated, and high-quality enterprises that pay attention to market demand and focus on quality development will be realized.

The three stages of LED lighting: in 2012~2014, we have quickly passed the high-speed growth phase of retrofit; and the products in the integrated and innovation stages have already occupied the market. The future you imagined always comes inadvertently. The most growth opportunities for this industry in the future will be “brand”, “innovation” and “intelligence”.

Affected by the overall economic environment, the growth rate of the LED industry slowed down in 2015, the global lighting market was surging, the competition in the industry was intensified, and the polarization of enterprises in the industry was obvious. Large enterprises became stronger and stronger through mergers and acquisitions, and the survival space of small enterprises further Being squeezed and even gradually withdrawing from the market. In such a market environment, the truly powerful enterprises in the LED industry can survive, and large enterprises will further strengthen and expand, while enterprises with low technology content and small added value will be struggling. This will also encourage some companies to change from “pursuing quantity, chasing short-term interests” to “pursuing quality and quality”. In the future, enterprises with strong innovation and research capabilities and high technology content will have greater development opportunities.

In 2016, there will be many new technologies, new products and personalized lighting works in the field of outdoor control, personalized control technology, personalized application areas and personalized products. As control technology continues to improve, a variety of interactive lighting works will become increasingly popular. The traditional lighting method will be replaced by more advanced intelligent lighting. The environment and place that were not suitable for lighting will be brightened and beautified due to the emergence of new technology.

The future lighting industry is still very worth looking forward to and will get better and better. Because with the development of the city, the overall grade of the city is improving, the high-rise buildings are growing, the demand for lighting equipment is increasing, and the requirements for lighting equipment are getting higher and higher. The future development direction of the lighting industry will be on products and construction techniques. All aspects of the requirements will be higher and higher, so our lighting industry design units, product suppliers and construction units must constantly improve themselves to adapt to the challenges and improvements of this industry, so that we will be at the forefront of this industry .

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