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[PConline evaluation] Apple's itv (apple TV) is available to people from the smart phone's attention to digital home appliances, and a new generation of smart cloud TV is also increasingly concerned about by the market. The so-called smart cloud television refers to a fully open platform like a smartphone. It is equipped with an operating system, and users can install and uninstall programs provided by third-party service providers such as software and games. Through this type of program, they can continue to use color TVs. The function is expanded, and the general name of such a color TV set that can be used for surfing the Internet through a network cable and a wireless network can be realized.

Smart Cloud TV will implement various applications such as web search, IP TV, BBTV Video, VOD, digital music, web news, and online video telephony. At present, the competition between Google Android system and Apple iOS system on the smart phone has already entered the white-hot, and the application platform system must expand the scope of use in order to obtain a greater share, and find a new development field, so smart TV will become a breakthrough. Today we will introduce a smart cloud TV TCL L43V7300A-3D, not only with strong hardware, but also has live 1:1 video communication, multi-screen interactive, full-featured browser, 15G cloud space and many other high-end cloud features, expandability and practicality Sex is very powerful.

Product Model:TCL L43V7300A-3D
Reference Price: 6990 yuan

A, TCL L43V7300A-3D first evaluation after the test

TCL L43V7300A-3D is a 43-inch 3D cloud TV with Samsung Black Crystal screen, 3D enamel processing engine and 2D Rui Cai engine to ensure excellent picture quality. Join the android operating system, increase cloud identification, cloud search, cloud control, cloud sharing and other avant-garde cloud technologies, and expand the performance. And built-in high-performance CPU, built-in wireless WIFI, built-in SD card, digital one machine, 3D intelligence digital engine, etc., to ensure smooth software, easy to use. Using shutter-type 3D, the picture is more realistic and three-dimensional. In terms of sound, Nautilus audio system was added and four sounds were independently driven to provide high-quality sound effects. A variety of functions are readily available. Now TCL L43V7300A-3D arrived in our evaluation room, the following will send you a review of this product.

TCL L43V7300A-3D Picture Evaluation Forum Quote

One of the key elements of television intelligence is the type and number of applications. The TCL V7300A series of smart cloud TVs uses the Google Android operating system. I believe we all know that according to the development of the smart phone field and the tablet computer field, the Android android system already has hundreds of thousands of applications, and with the open source and portability of the android system, I believe in the TV field, there are also Less application suitable for use. Based on this operating system, coupled with the massive software provided by the Android market, various rich applications such as video, games, information, and interactive education are available for users to freely download, add, and delete to create their own personalized TV.

TCL L43V7300A-3D main parameters and prices
Screen size/inch
Side-mounted LED
Panel type
Samsung Black Crystal
Whether to support 3D
2D to 3D function
Double speed drive technology
operating system
3D type
Polarized 3D
USB 2.0 streaming media
Huadian Internet Platform
stand by
sound system
Nautilus Sound, DDAS Dynamic Sound Valley
13.5kg (without base)
979.3×586.5×43.4mm (without base)
Reference price / yuan
6990 (2011-11-17, Guangzhou)

For the intelligent 3D world, the quality, 3D effects, and operating system are the focus of this evaluation. The author will look at peer-to-peer, grayscale, color performance, dynamic contrast, high-definition video, power consumption, streaming media, network functions, and applications. Programs and other aspects of evaluation, evaluation of picture effects for reference only, let us immediately enter the evaluation article. >>

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Second, TCL L43V7300A-3D Appreciation:

The TCL L43V7300A-3D is relatively special. It uses a 43-inch size (which is cut from the 8.5-generation line panel), and the border is only 1.7cm, which is not only beautiful, but also increases the viewing area, and can even compare Part of the monitor's border. Moreover, the ultra-narrow frame of platinum gold wire drawing is more novel and unique than traditional black-based products. The screen resolution is 1920×1080 in full HD level, which is in line with the current mainstream audio and video needs.

Front appearance of TCL L43V7300A-3D LCD TV

The TCL L43V7300A-3D presents a compact body with no excessive marking and lacquer on the surface of the frame. From the pictures below, you can also see the ultra-narrow frame of the product. The TCL's manufacturing is also quite good. The bottom left of the screen is affixed with the main selling point, built-in android system. On the lower right side, there is a power switch that uses an etched design. When the TV is turned on, it lights up.

TCL L43V7300A-3D frame details

At the bottom of the fuselage, the TCL L43V7300A-3D LCD TV is uniquely designed with a silver base and a glass base design. The base of the tempered glass material design, highlight the surface of the entire product stylish atmosphere style, and the larger base for the TV to provide a stable place.

TCL L43V7300A-3D base


The key design of TCL L43V7300A-3D LCD TV is on the right side of the TV. It is made of hard plastic material. The keys are arranged in a moderate manner. The key feel is also relatively comfortable, and the key designation is clear and user-friendly.

TCL L43V7300A-3D body OSD button

Can be seen from the side view, TCL L43V7300A-3D LCD TV with LED backlight, very slim shape, compared with a common IC card, you can see TCL L43V7300A-3D body thickness is much smaller than the IC card, machine The thickest body is only 4.3mm, and the control on the thickness is excellent.

TCL L43V7300A-3D Side View

The back of the TCL L43V7300A-3D is covered with many heat-dissipation holes. The main heat-dissipation holes are distributed on the top. According to the principle of rising hot air current, it can effectively improve the long-time watching TV and bring overheating problems. The design of the interface area is shown in the right area of ​​the TV. The "L" shape arrangement is divided into a side interface area and a bottom interface area.

TCL L43V7300A-3D on the back of the fuselage

TCL L43V7300A-3D body nameplate

The interface of TCL L43V7300A-3D is very rich, there are 3 HDMI, 1 YPbPr/YCbCr+ audio, 1 VGA, 1 AV input, 1 75 ohm TV, 2 USB, 1 3D USB, 1 PCMCIA card. Slot, 1 cable interface, 1 SD card slot, 1 AV OUT, 1 digital audio coaxial output.

TCL L43V7300A-3D side connector

TCL L43V7300A-3D expansion socket

In terms of remote control design, the TCL L43V7300A-3D LCD TV is equipped with a very simple remote control design. It also uses Acrylic's high-gloss material to maintain its stylish atmosphere. The design of the remote control is simple and lightweight, and the rubber texture buttons are also very good.

TCL L43V7300A-3D remote control

The overall use of acrylic material, piano paint polishing, a few keystrokes. With switch buttons and rotary direction keys, it can also provide volume adjustment, confirm button, main menu button, submenu button, return button, information window (mainly provide stocks, weather and other real-time information), 3D conversion button and mute button. The button logo is designed with anti-color, it is quite eye-catching, and the key feel is quite good. >>

3TCL L43V7300A Menu, Point to Point Test Back to Top

Third, TCL L43V7300A-3D menu layout:

In the main menu, TCL L43V7300A-3D makes me feel quite new. Using the mainstream 3D UI interface, friendly and use, design is very intimate. And there are all kinds of recommendations, different categories, but also to facilitate the user to locate the required applications and settings. Intelligent platform provides TV program preview, signal source selection, TV, search station, information window; wonderful recommendation to provide android application store, game center, my smart application, my film and television, music appreciation, etc., to facilitate users to better understand the use of TV built-in features.

TCL L43V7300A-3D Menu Layout

In the sub-menu, we can see that the menu is mainly related to the TV settings, including image settings, sound settings, 3D settings, function settings, etc., to provide users with more subtle adjustments to meet the pursuit of different users.

TCL L43V7300A-3D image fine-tuning

The TCL L43V7300A-3D provides four different scenes for image settings, which are custom scenes, bright scenes, standard scenes, and soft scenes. Among them, customization is available for users to adjust, and in order to allow intuitive understanding of netizens, I chose the latter three scenarios to provide reference for comparison.

TCL L43V7300A-3D Standard Scene Mode Effect

TCL L43V7300A-3D Bright Scene (Left) Soft Scene (Right) Mode Effect

Fourth, TCL L43V7300A-3D point to point test

During the peer-to-peer test, the PC used by the author was the Lenovo ThinkPad SL400 series, and the signal was input to the TV through the HDMI interface. First, set the PC resolution to 1920×1080 and the refresh rate to 50Hz. Then, in the menu, set the auto display area in the TCL L43V7300A-3D screen setting to “Off” and select the display area as “Full Pixel”.

In the Monoscope full HD 1080p signal test, TCL L43V7300A-3D performed generally on horizontal lines, vertical lines, oblique lines, circles and other lines. In the 1080P line, there is a clear line overlap phenomenon.

TCL L43V7300A-3D Full HD Point-to-Point Effect

The following is a close-up view of the pixel point of the LCD panel of the TCL L43V7300A-3D. Through the macro lens, we can clearly see the liquid crystal particle arrangement status of the entire panel. From the point of view of the pixel shape, the white, red, blue, and green colors of the white screen are arranged vertically and rectangularly. This type of pixel is different from the common shapes of various pixel points of the panel. The specific type of the panel is unknown and needs to be further confirmed.

TCL L43V7300A-3D panel pixel map

TCL L43V7300A-3D has a novel menu layout and adopts a more avant-garde 3G interface nowadays. It provides users with friendly and simple operation. The user can easily adjust and provide subtle adjustments to the user's preferences. Out for their own visual effects. TCL L43V7300A-3D can achieve full HD point-to-point, the effect is still satisfactory. >>

4TCL L43V7300A 3D principle to resolve to the top

Five, TCL L43V7300A-3D 3D principle analysis:

Because people's two eyes are separated by a certain distance, when they look at certain things, the images they see with their left eyes are different from those seen with their right eyes. It is this two images with different angles that make us feel three-dimensional after they are synthesized in the brain. The 3D image is also the same as this principle, and is composed of images shot with a special camera with the same effect as left and right eyes. The left and right images that were shot were sent to both eyes through 3D TV and glasses, and the three-dimensional images were synthesized in the brain so that we could see the 3D images. There are two ways to display images on a 3D TV: Shutter and Flash.

3D image imaging principle

TCL L43V7300A-3D uses Active Shutter 3D technology, English Active Shutter 3D, with active shutter 3D glasses. Active shutter 3D technology, also known as time division method shading technology or liquid crystal time-sharing technology, it is mainly achieved by the liquid crystal eyes, and its eyeglasses are essentially two LCD screens that can separately control on/off, in the eyes The liquid crystal layer has two states, black and white, which are usually displayed in white or transparent state, and turn black when energized. Through a signal transmission device, precise synchronization between the 3D eye and the screen is achieved.

TCL L43V7300A-3D adopts shutter 3D technology

Active shutter type 3D mainly achieves 3D effect by improving the refresh rate of the screen. By dividing the image into two frames, the two groups of screens corresponding to the left eye and the right eye are formed and displayed in a staggered manner. At the same time, the infrared signal transmitter The left and right lenses of the shuttered 3D glasses will be synchronously controlled so that the right and left eyes can see the corresponding screen at the right moment. This technology is able to maintain the original resolution of the picture and it is very easy for the user to enjoy true full HD 3D effects without degrading the picture brightness.

TCL L43V7300A-3D eyewear details

TCL L43V7300A-3D adopts active shutter 3D technology. This 3D technology is most widely used on TVs and projectors. It has relatively more resources and excellent image effects. It is highly recommended and adopted by many manufacturers. The TCL L43V7300A-3D is equipped with Full HD shutter-free eyes, which has many advantages in reducing image sticking. >>

5TCL L43V7300A 3D Picture Effect Back to Top

Six, TCL L43V7300A-3D native 3D screen effect:

The 3D image played this time is played by Sony Blu-ray player S470. Because the 3D image is formed by the difference in the distance between the left and right eyes, the blurry ghost image will only be seen when the 3D image is viewed without glasses. The 3D degree created by different scenes is also different, so the ghost image may not be correct. It will be very obvious.

TCL L43V7300A-3D 3D Effect Test (Naked Shot)

TCL L43V7300A-3D 3D effect test (shot under glasses)

Due to the active shutter 3D technology, brightness decreases when viewing 3D. However, on the current trial, the brightness does not bring about visual problems. On the contrary, when you take off the glasses, you will feel that the screen is too white.

TCL L43V7300A-3D 3D Effect Test (Naked Shot)

TCL L43V7300A-3D 3D effect test (shot under glasses)

Although the TCL L43V7300A-3D uses a full HD non-flash shutter eye, it can reduce the flicker problem, but due to the performance bottleneck of the shutter 3D module, it can be seen that when the vision is deflected, the screen will change color, and the closer to the vertical, the more discolored the screen. Therefore, the user's best 3D viewing method still preserves the horizontal viewing angle.

TCL L43V7300A-3D uses shuttered 3D technology, the three-dimensional image is still very good performance, and the use of full HD shutter eyes, flicker problem is better than in the past to solve, but it can not eliminate the shortcomings of the shutter 3D - angular deflection Will bring about changes in color.

Seven, TCL L43V7300A-3D 2D 3D screen effect:

TCL L43V7300A-3D adopts shutter 3D technology and has more support for native 3D chip sources. However, the product also provides 2D to 3D functionality, providing users with seamless transition. By clicking on the "3D" button in the remote control, different formats can be converted. You can use the input source to select 3D conversion methods, such as normal 2D to 3D, left and right, and up and down.

TCL L43V7300A-3D 3D Effect Test (Naked Shot)

This audio and video is played by the Sony Blu-ray player S470, using 2D graphics, the film source is "Ip Man 2: Master Legend." Among them, we choose scenes based on characters to be more stereoscopic for people.

TCL L43V7300A-3D 3D Effect Test (Naked Shot)

TCL L43V7300A-3D 3D effect test (photographed through glasses)

TCL L43V7300A-3D's performance can be seen, 3D conversion function is more general, when watching 3D images, three-dimensional feeling is not very strong, but as a 3D resources complement, 2D to 3D function still has a certain degree of practicality. >>

6TCL L43V7300A Grayscale, Color Test Back to Top

Eight, TCL L43V7300A-3D gray scale comparison test:

Since the screen shot has undergone the necessary software processing and is affected by the actual effect of the netizens' display, the screen displayed on the screen will eventually differ from the actual effect of the TV. Therefore, the actual effect is based on the author's text description. The author uses a Hi-Definition Reference Disc test disc, Sony PlayStation 3 as a Blu-ray player. The digital camera used was a Canon 50D with a Canon EF 17-40mm F4L USM.

The first test was a 15-gradient grayscale test. From the actual screen, the performance of the TCL L43V7300A-3D is not very good, and it is easy to distinguish some gray-gradient levels. The gray-scale difference between 0 and 1 is more obvious, but 14 and The 15 gray scales are more vague.

TCL L43V7300A-3D Grayscale Comparison Test

In the black grey tolerance test, the charcoal line fringe path is clearly seen in the charcoal backlight position; in the charcoal light position, the texture of the charcoal is good. In terms of noise control, the TCL L43V7300A-3D performs well, the picture noise is not obvious, and the color uniformity is slightly insufficient.

TCL L43V7300A-3D Black Latitude Test

Nine, TCL L43V7300A-3D color performance test

First of all, we use DisplayX on the TCL L43V7300A-3D full color gamut color over test, from the screen performance point of view, TCL L43V7300A-3D in the color transition performance is still outstanding, most of the color range transition is very natural, just The transition between yellow and green, pink and red is a bit stiff.

TCL L43V7300A-3D color gamut transition test

For the color performance of the TV, the color that is most difficult to accurately display is golden yellow. In the test process, TCL L43V7300A-3D golden yellow appearance, the light yellow, pink blue have a better performance, the overall color is softer, and the color temperature is warmer.

TCL L43V7300A-3D color performance test

In black and white contrast, Ms. Baiyi's clothes and background are more clearly separated, and at the same time, there are good reduction effects on the details of the black highlights. However, it can be seen from the figure that the color uniformity of the product is lacking, and the brightness of the area near the edge is darkened.

TCL L43V7300A-3D color performance test

TCL L43V7300A-3D color performance test

Two women with red, white, and yellow roses hold warm colors on the screen, the screen is reddish, and the characters are rosy and shiny. The color of the hair is delicate and natural, and the roses on the hands are colorful. TCL L43V7300A-3D provides color temperature adjustment, I believe users can adjust according to their own visual acceptance.

TCL L43V7300A-3D color performance test

TCL L43V7300A-3D color performance test

The performance of TCL L43V7300A-3D in 15 gray scales is generally good, and black and white contrast and black gray latitude show fairly good performance. 40CX520 full color gamut color transition effect is good, but the overall color temperature is warm, the screen has a reddish color, the color rendering is relatively soft, slightly less vibrant, the color is fairly saturated. >>

7TCL L43V7300A Dynamic, Power Test Back to Top

Ten, TCL L43V7300A-3D dynamic picture test:

In this part of the test, you need to pay attention to the front door of the fast-moving train and the body plate of the car. I used the same ISO and aperture during the shooting process. The parameters are ISO-400 and F4.0. The time is 1/100 seconds. The author selects the motion scene in this segment of the evaluation process in order to make the TCL L43V7300A-3D show the best dynamic effect.

Judging from the effect of the moving train, the effect of the train's smearing is not obvious through the comparison of the houses behind it, indicating that the response time and dynamic picture of the TCL L43V7300A-3D are also excellent on the display.

TCL L43V7300A-3D dynamic picture test

In the high-definition video of a section of vehicles that is played below, we need to observe the car's license plate and the outline of the car body. The TCL L43V7300A-3D can play smoothly for the entire video, and the license plate and vehicle contour ghosting are not obvious and can clearly show the license plate.

TCL L43V7300A-3D dynamic picture test

TCL L43V7300A-3D dynamic picture test

Eleven, TCL L43V7300A-3D power comparison test

TCL L43V7300A-3D rated power consumption is 130W, from the author's evaluation experience, the actual power consumption is much lower than the rated power consumption. The author uses the instantaneous power consumption test method, which is to measure the power consumption values ​​of the six screens of red, green, blue, white, black and color transitions in the standard mode.

TCL L43V7300A-3D power consumption test

From the actual test results, TCL L43V7300A-3D in the standard image mode, the power consumption of the six screens as low as 43 watts to 71 watts, for the 43-inch panel LCD TV power consumption performance is quite good.

TCL L43V7300A-3D measured power consumption
Black and white
Color transition
TCL L43V7300A-3D
39.53W 67.22W

The performance of the TCL L43V7300A-3D's dynamic motion picture is very good, the smear effect of the picture is not obvious, and the contour details can be clearly seen even in a faster scene. The use of LED backlight mode, TCL L43V7300A-3D measured power consumption between 43-71W, energy-saving effect is quite good. >>

8TCL L43V7300A HD Video Test Back to Top

Twelve, TCL L43V7300A-3D high-definition video test:

In the HD video test section, the author played Blu-ray high-definition discs "Home" and "Ip Man 2". The first is the documentary "Homeland". The film is rich in color and has more natural environment images. This will be able to better test the performance of TCL L43V7300A-3D for various colors.

CL L43V7300A-3D HD Video Test

The second paragraph is "Ip Man 2". This video has rich character details and fast fighting action scenes. From the actual effect point of view, TCL L43V7300A-3D can better show the details of the characters in the dark, indoor display out The picture is real and the colors are soft.

TCL L43V7300A-3D HD Video Test

TCL L43V7300A-3D for the mid-end market, playing high-definition video smooth and clear, without stopping the card frame, and smearing effect is not obvious, but the overall picture of the soft color, color temperature performance quite satisfactory, overall color reproduction ability is still good. >>

9TCL L43V7300A Smart Cloud Functional Test (1) Back to Top

Thirteen, TCL L43V7300A-3D intelligent cloud function test (1):

The built-in cloud function of the TCL L43V7300A-3D LCD TV is also quite powerful. In terms of network settings, it not only provides a LAN port to connect the network cable, but also provides support for WiFi connection to the wireless LAN, which is quite convenient in home applications.

TCL L43V7300A-3D network setting interface

Through the 3D main menu, we can see TCL L43V7300A-3D built-in android operating system, has many applications, convenient and thoughtful, to provide users with different functions. Below we mainly test from the "My Smart Apps" section, because the application in this section basically contains all the applications built into the TV. In other words, the applications you see in the main menu can all be found here.

TCL L43V7300A-3D Applications

TCL L43V7300A-3D Applications

The TV that can access the network is the most intuitive built-in browser, and the built-in panoramic browser of the TCL L43V7300A-3D not only does a lot of navigation in terms of navigation, but also provides various kinds of mainstream websites, but also can be in the address bar. Customize the address and browse the web pages the user needs. From the opening of the Pacific home page, you can see that the built-in browser can also support flash playback, and the response speed also performed well.

TCL L43V7300A-3D Browser Navigation

TCL L43V7300A-3D browser display

In the application program, online movies and TV shows provided, we can see that the program provides a variety of programs for sports events, popular dramas, business card searches, and so on, and there are also program related information, such as the year of production, region, language , length, rate, rating, etc., users can watch more popular programs.

TCL L43V7300A-3D online video

TCL L43V7300A-3D is highly integrated with Tencent's related applications in online movies and television. With the built-in Tencent video, users can watch popular movies, TV shows, variety shows and animation shows. And the update rate is quite high. The clarity of the picture is also enough for general viewing.

TCL L43V7300A-3D Tencent Video

TCL L43V7300A-3D Tencent Video

As a cloud TV, online music is equally important. TCL L43V7300A-3D built-in QQ music application, provides users to listen to favorite songs, provide a bookmark function to replace the function of the playlist, but also can see the singer's album attributes, lyrics and other information during playback, quite humane.

TCL L43V7300A-3D QQ Music

TCL L43V7300A-3D QQ Music

TCL L43V7300A-3D has built-in news sections and provides comprehensive news, special news, entertainment news, financial news, and other different fields. The news content is relatively new and provides video on demand. Clear and clear. >>

10TCL L43V7300A Smart Cloud Functional Test (2) Back to Top

XIV. TCL L43V7300A-3D Smart Cloud Function Test (II):

Cloud TV also has a great need for news consulting. TCL L43V7300A-3D online news provides news on various sections of international, social, military, sports, entertainment, technology, real estate, automotive, etc., and news information is updated. It is also quite fast and provides users with real-time information.

TCL L43V7300A-3D Sound News

What is more interesting is that we have opened the Google map that the android operating system carries, TCL L43V7300A-3D can also provide the map display, and can choose the satellite map, traffic flow information, change city, vision search and other functions.

TCL L43V7300A-3D Google Maps

The intelligence of TCL L43V7300A-3D should have - TV program notice, also more practical. Users can select the desired TV channel, such as CCTV-1, Beijing TV, and other channels to learn about the channel's program preview. However, the relevant channels are still relatively few, and the channels in Guangzhou and Hong Kong cannot be queried.

TCL L43V7300A-3D cloud function

The TCL L43V7300A-3D is quite rich in functionality, and its credit-related information is also relatively real-time. It provides information on travel, television shopping, and education in the area of ​​life development information. It provides a variety of contents, enriches the user's horizons, and understands life development.

TCL L43V7300A-3D Qiao Travel

TCL L43V7300A-3D uses Google's android as its operating system and has massive software support. Its practical performance is quite obvious, and the built-in software is also quite useful. It is understood that the built-in CPU performance of the product is also relatively strong, and the author is also more sensitive to operation. >>

11TCL L43V7300A-3D Streaming Media Functional Test Back to Top

Fifteen, TCL L43V7300A-3D streaming media function test (1):

The TCL L43V7300A-3D supports a very powerful streaming media function. It supports video formats such as VC1/H.264/MPEG4/2/RMVB/FLV/SWF, supports audio formats such as MP3/AC3/AAC/DTS, and supports JPG/JEPG/BMP. Image formats such as /GIF basically cover mainstream media formats in the market.

TCL L43V7300A-3D Multimedia Interface

From the main interface, file management can query U disk or SD card streaming media files, interface is also very colorful, 3D display, UI interface is quite new. The system will automatically divide the file into pictures, videos, and music.

TCL L43V7300A-3D streaming media interface

Video format support, TCL L43V7300A-3D supports VC1/H.264/MPEG4/2/RMVB/FLV/SWF format video, has covered most of the current mainstream formats, playback smooth.

TCL L43V7300A-3D film and television playback interface

Photo browsing, TCL L43V7300A-3D provides a variety of browsing methods, including a variety of slide show, providing user-defined playback interval and picture cut-and-play, operation is relatively smooth. TCL L43V7300A-3D also supports image browsing in image formats such as JPG/JEPG/BMP/GIF.

TCL L43V7300A-3D Picture View

XVI, TCL L43V7300A-3D streaming media function test (2):

In the audio playback interface, you can see that the built-in player can recognize the title, album, annual fee, artist, etc. of the MP3 file, the monitor is full, the playback is smooth, and the effect is quite good. The formats supported for playback are also rich.

TCL L43V7300A-3D Audio File Management

TCL L43V7300A-3D audio player interface

TCL L43V7300A-3D uses the Nautilus sound system. Nautilus is a mollusk that lives in the ocean. Scientists used to imitate the drainage of nautilus and float and sink water to create the first submarine. The submarine uses the bionic nature of the internal structure of the nautilus, while the Nautilus sound system also uses the internal structure of the nautilus, making the speaker better in handling the high frequency, and has excellent performance on the restoration and meticulousness of the human voice.

TCL L43V7300A-3D Speaker Unit

TCL L43V7300A-3D uses the Nautilus audio system, independent four-drive sound, DDAS dynamic sound Valley, Dolby+ sound, high-fidelity metal Laba, the author is also very satisfied with the audition effect, with the application of online music online, I believe life will be quite freehand .

TCL L43V7300A-3D Online Music

TCL L43V7300A-3D supports USB, SD card and other streaming media playback functions, and supports a wide range of formats to meet the daily needs, streaming media operation is relatively smooth. In addition, Nautilus audio system is used in the product, and the sound quality has a good performance. >>

12PConline evaluation room summary

Seventeen, PConline evaluation room summary

TCL L43V7300A-3D is positioned in the mid-to-high end of the brand and features active shutter 3D functionality and the Android TV's smart TV function, dynamic backlight adjustment and other features. In actual use, 3D display is quite good. The TV uses a pleasant and loving 3D operation menu, plus the amount of application software in Shanghai, the actual use is quite good, using the Nautilus audio system, the sound quality is also guaranteed.

TCL L43V7300A-3D Picture Evaluation Forum Quote

Through the detailed evaluation of the above multiple projects, the evaluation performance of the TCL L43V7300A-3D in the PConline evaluation room is summarized as follows:

TCL L43V7300A-3D advantages and disadvantages summary
1, platinum brushed ultra-narrow frame;
2, 3D depth of field is strong, slight flicker;
3, android operating system, massive applications;
4, powerful hardware, smooth operation;
5, Nautilus audio system, excellent sound quality.
1, gray level is not obvious;
2, color reproduction is slightly less delicate.

PConline evaluation room summary:

TCL L43V7300A-3D uses a platinum brushed ultra-narrow frame, the appearance of the visual feel fresh, matched with the bottom of the crystal frame decoration, enamelled standby button, crystal base, beautiful and elegant. Built-in Google android operating system, has a large number of applications, not only built-in program intimate, but also has an android software store, expansion performance is quite rich. Support a variety of streaming media, sound effects are excellent. The main features of the TCL L43V7300A-3D are still in both 3D display and smart, but they have performed quite well. The current media quote is 6,990 yuan. Interested friends may wish to pay attention to this product. [Back to Channel Home]

Fast Recovery Diode

Fast Recovery Diode is a semiconductor device which possesses short reverse recovery time for rectification purpose at high frequency. A quick recovery time is crucial for rectification of high-frequency AC signal. Diodes are mostly used in rectifiers because they possess ultra-high switching speed.

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