[Annual Meeting] Guangyu Lighting: Cost is not the only standard

[Text / high-tech LED Yue Mengdi] "For our finished products manufacturers, cost is not the only standard that needs to be considered." Xu Min, technical director of Shanxi Guangyu Semiconductor Lighting Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Guangyu Lighting"), was high in 2015. The LED LED annual meeting said.

Cost has become a major issue for many supply chain companies. Technology innovation, management enhancement, and production efficiency are all designed to reduce costs. However, in terms of lighting application companies, how to increase the value is more important.

Guangyu Lighting successfully landed in the national SME share transfer system in Beijing in October and officially listed the new three board. Guangyu Lighting has a number of independent patented technologies and has long been committed to providing one-stop intelligent LED lighting system solutions for global users. It has rich project experience and technical strength in lighting engineering.

Xu Min believes that street lamps can achieve more than just functionality, but also achieve artistic and intellectual. But often traditional street lights ignore the artistic display. Nowadays, we have entered the LED era and can bring more creative space to street lamps.

“Light source modularization should be the direction of future streetlight technology development.” Xu Min, deputy general manager of Guangyu Lighting, emphasized that modularization has excellent features such as easy assembly and easy replacement of maintenance, which can provide more design space for street lamp enterprises.

On the other hand, the intelligentization of street lamps has become a standard for LED street lamps. As the best subdivision of participating in the construction of “smart city”, intelligent street lamps are naturally promising. Xu Min mentioned that the creative wisdom light pole will also be an opportunity for the development of future LED street lights.

Modeling street lights, Internet + street lights, street lights + optical communications, etc., will open a new door for the development of LED street lights, but "technical innovation is the king, the real technological innovation is whether the products produced can meet the needs of users. Xu Min said.

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