Apple test water fuel cell

Apple, which is known for its technological innovation, has taken a new look.

To design a fuel cell for portable devices, Apple also faces the challenge of size, weight, and cost.

Recently, Apple submitted two patent applications related to oxy-combustion batteries to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. It intends to use fuel cells for iPhones, iPads, and MacBooks.

It is reported that this type of battery will be lighter and can be maintained for several weeks as long as it is charged once.

The fuel cell is actually just an energy conversion device. Generally, hydrogen, gas, or natural gas is used as the negative electrode, oxygen in the air is used as the positive electrode, and there is no pollution. The byproducts are only water and electricity. The difference from a general battery is that the capacity of a typical battery depends on the amount of active material put in advance, and the fuel of the fuel cell can be continuously input. However, due to its high cost, it is currently only used for special purposes such as spacecraft, submarines, military, television relay stations, lighthouses, and buoys.

No company has yet attempted to use fuel cells for cell phones. Once Apple can successfully apply fuel cells to its products, it will greatly expand the application of fuel cells in the civilian field.

However, Apple also admitted that it is challenging to design a fuel cell for portable devices. First, there is currently no way to reduce the size of the battery. Second, if the price of the product rises due to the high cost of the fuel cell, it will inevitably affect the sales of Apple products.

At present, Apple hopes to significantly reduce product size, weight, and cost.

For apple fans around the world, it may take a long time to use an iPhone equipped with a fuel cell.

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