Apple WWDC first show: iOS 10 personalized into bright spots, four major system updates

At 2:00 AM Beijing time, at 2:00 AM on the morning of the opening of the Apple WWDC, a few hours before the opening of the event, the San Francisco-based Bill Graham Civic Auditorium was already in full swing, bringing together a large number of developers and media reporters. Embodies Apple's appeal.

This situation is not surprising, because it is reported that this year WWDC will be the most recent update of Apple's system, changing the biggest year. What changes has Apple made? The first news of WWDC was given to everyone by the sofa Xiaobian.

According to related reports from the previous sofa network, Apple’s four major systems, iOS, OS X, watchOS, and tvOS, will all be updated to varying degrees. In the end, as predicted by everyone, Apple will carry out extensive upgrades, among which the biggest changes will be made. I have iOS and macOS (OS X).

macOS: Integrate Siri to enhance device interconnection

Previous rumors that OS X will be renamed are endless. Nowadays, the rumors really become true. Apple has unified the name of the system and no longer uses X, but instead names all Mac-based systems as macOS. However, changing the name is still a trivial matter. What's more important is that the latest macOS will welcome many different degrees of updates, which is a bright spot for the entire WWDC.

1. Integrate Siri

Although previous reports mentioned that Siri will be integrated into the Mac, Apple still surprised us. Not only does it support various Siri voice features, but Siri on Mac also adds file search, send information, multitasking operations and more. Although far from the real voice assistant, Siri should be more attractive than Microsoft's Cortana, and I believe it is also a pity for Mac users.

2, 7 major commonly used function optimization

In terms of details, the latest macOS has also been optimized to varying degrees, and functions such as copy-and-paste, storage, tabs, and picture-in-picture that users use every day have also been upgraded. Among them, the picture-in-picture function can make the video window small screen, which is convenient for users to multi-task operation; support directly dragging Siri's search results into the local application file; the disk cleaning function will also be upgraded.

3, enhance the interoperability with other Apple devices

Apple also spent a lot of thought on WWDC to introduce a new generation of MacOS root linkage with other Apple devices. In fact, these features are quite practical, although some of the features are at the end of the details, or for the Chinese user experience is not too Great influence, but undoubtedly also shows Apple's efforts.

Apple Watch can be used to unlock Mac computers without entering a password

Universal clipboard, macOS, iOS can copy cut content across devices

Wireless Copy & Paste feature syncs content from other Apple devices to your Mac

Users can also see file content on Mac on other Apple devices

Apple Pay payment (in mainland China and Hong Kong on the first support column)

Overall, this macOS upgrade will not change the experience of the old users much, but it is a milestone - Siri integration, and interconnection with other Apple devices in the actual work or life is still very useful, but Still an old saying "You must have other Apple devices."

iOS 10: Lots of fun features

Finally ushered in today's protagonist, yes! To say where is the biggest highlight of this WWDC, that is non-iOS 10 is none other than. When Apple CEO Cook introduced iOS 10, he used the word "exciting" to see where it was exciting.

Cooke mentioned ten new changes in the introduction, corresponding to "10" in iOS 10. The author thinks that the most essential thing is three things:

1, user experience, notification function upgrade

The new iOS 10 will automatically detect changes in the phone's status, automatically light up the screen when the user picks up the phone, and display different notifications. Although this feature has already been experienced in Samsung's hand-receiving function, it is believed that Apple will provide users with a better experience.

The update of the notification bar is very obvious and significant. Apple simply universalized the notification bar when it was locked. for example,

You can click on the information directly to reply;

Supports 3D Touch for different levels of interaction: Viewing text messages, clearing the information bar, and more;

The right slide under the lock screen can take pictures directly, the left slide can enter various application tips, you can view the weather, news, etc., and the user can choose to display different APPs.

The enrichment of the notification bar makes people feel more vulnerable to disclosure of privacy. After all, without locking the screen, you can see various notification messages and access private data in the phone.

During the presentation, Cook won applause when he demonstrated various cool features that iOS 10 had. The other hand, some domestic mobile phone manufacturers have been stacking hardware and the main cost-effective big-name, Apple's this is only for the user experience and operation is indeed very much appreciated by the author, who do not want to use a cool, cool mobile phone .

2. Siri is open to developers

When Cook said this, there was a burst of applause from the audience. For thousands of developers, opening Siri means that they will be able to call Siri for more features, such as:

The user tells Siri what information to send to a WeChat friend, Siri will automatically convert the text message to send it;

You can also ask Siri to help you search for different themes you want;

Unlimited possibilities will be open to developers.

Of course, the market such as Google's SyntaxNet, Baidu's Warp-CTC is also open source, perhaps Apple is to develop Siri in response to competitive pressures, but no matter what the motivation, Siri's open source still helps Apple to attract more developers to develop More apps that benefit Apple's ecosystem.

3, information updates, make texting more fun

The update of information content, Apple is really racking their brains, no Apple can not, only you can not think of.

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