Application of thermal imager in LED research and development

Any object with temperature will emit infrared light. The thermal imager is the infrared light emitted by the receiving object. The color image is used to display the temperature distribution of the surface of the object to be measured. According to the small difference in temperature, the abnormal point of the temperature is found. With the role of maintenance. Also commonly known as thermal imaging cameras. There are many brands of thermal imaging cameras. Here we recommend the flir thermal imaging camera and the Fluke thermal imaging camera. The thermal imager not only functions in the LED development process, but also can be applied to the quality management of the product.

1. R&D: Mainly for LED module drive circuit (including power supply), light source semiconductor heat distribution analysis, and light decay test, etc.

a) LED module drive circuit

In the development of LED products , engineers are required to design a part of the drive circuit, such as rectifier circuit modules. With thermal imaging cameras, engineers can quickly and easily find temperature anomalies on the circuit, making it easy to improve circuit design.

b) LED light source semiconductor chip heating

With the thermal imager, engineers can analyze the temperature of the chip during operation and the temperature distribution through the infrared heat map of the light source semiconductor chip. On this basis, the purpose of improving the life of the LED product is achieved.

c) Light decay test

The light decay of LED products is the weakening of the signal in the transmission of light. At this stage, the LED products produced by the global LED manufacturers have different degrees of light decay, and the high-power LEDs also have light decay, which has a direct relationship with temperature. Mainly determined by wafer, phosphor and packaging technology. At present, the light fade of white LEDs on the market may be one of the top issues for civilian lighting.

2, quality management

a) Semiconductor lighting : blown bulb uniformity

Through the thermal imager to capture the process of blowing the production line glass, the parameter correction and the improvement of the boring process can effectively improve the product yield and reduce the cost.

b) LED detection chip temperature before chip packaging

The detection temperature of the LED chip before packaging can avoid the abnormal temperature due to packaging and reduce the rejection rate. At this stage, the hand cannot touch the surface, and the thermal imager can help the customer to find the problem here as a pipeline inspection tool.

c) LED finished display boot test

After the LED display is completed, the final acceptance is to be done. The test of different colors is used to see if the screen meets the delivery requirements. Currently, most companies do not have this process. After using the thermal imager, it can improve the product testing standards for manufacturers and improve product quality.

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