Asia's largest electronic components exhibition

Asia's largest electronic components exhibition

October 28-30, 2014, Asia's largest electronic components display platform, the 84th China Electronics Show will be a grand attack at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. Resistors and capacitors, connector relays, semiconductor discrete devices, micromotors/coils/transformers/winders, sensors/MEMS, etc., will showcase the latest technology products in this field. This is a big gathering of electronic components.

Passive components - capacitor resistance

Resistors, capacitors and inductors are the three representatives of passive electronic components. Capacitors are indispensable electronic components for electronic circuits and occupy an important position in the electronic components industry. Among the electronic components used in the complete machine, capacitors account for about 40% of the total electronic components used. China's capacitor industry is divided into electrolysis, thin-film, ceramic and LMCC. Today, the capacitor industry has developed to a considerable scale.

The 84th China Electronics Fair has exhibited more than 150 well-known companies in the resistor and capacitor industry, and focused on displaying the most advanced products and solutions. Tricyclic Group, Farah Electronics, Aihua Group, Qingdao Sanying, Changzhou Changjie, Lituoxin, Sichuan Yongxing, Shaanxi Huaxing, Huizhou Datang, Shuanghuan Electronics, Liansheng Technology and other companies will participate. The new products showcased include AISHI Brand Main Capacitors, Igniter Specialty Metallized Film Capacitors, Locomotive Power Capacitors, AC Motor Capacitors, Chip Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors, Metal Film Thermistors, DC Fixed Metallized Seal Capacitors, LED Aluminum Electrolytic capacitors and a series of high-end products.

Basic Electronic Components - Connector Relays

The connectors are mainly used in transportation, communications, networking, IT, medical, home appliances and other fields. The development of the application market has greatly promoted the progress of connector technology, and has now developed into a complete range, rich specifications, diverse structures, and professional subdivisions. The basic pattern. As the demand for high-end connectors grows, connectors need to shift to miniaturization, high-density, high-speed transmission, and high-frequency directions. Currently, they are in the transition from production to creation, consumer electronics, transportation electronics, medical electronics, and communications electronics. Computers and peripherals will occupy a large share of the future connector market.

In recent years, the share of China's relay industry's exports has increased significantly. The development of triple-play, Internet of Things, and 4G will enable faster development of new relays such as optical relays and high-frequency relays. Communication relays account for a quarter of the world's relay market. The growth in demand in telecommunications, wireless communications, and broadband transmission access has driven the further development of electromechanical relays. The demand for communication relays with smaller size, suitable for surface mounting, and excellent anti-interference performance is strong. The fourth-generation new type of communication relay required for future 4G development will become the mainstream of development.

The connector relay exhibition area is the traditional advantage exhibition area of ​​China Electronics Show. The 84th China Electronics Show attracted CNAC, Guizhou Aerospace, Remo Electronics, Nuotong, Jianhe Xing, Dongyi Electronics, Shenyang Xinghua, Rijin, and Germany. European leaders, Shanghai Feile, Shanghai Zhouri, Tongmao Electronics, Cixi Daifa and other industry leaders exhibited to show the industry's latest developments.

An important part of the electronic world - semiconductor discrete devices

The semiconductor discrete device industry belongs to the national key encouragement industry. China has now developed into the world's largest discrete device market. With the continuous warming of the electronic machine, consumer electronics and other markets, semiconductor discrete devices still have a lot of room for development. The trend toward miniaturization and integration of the complete system has placed new demands on discrete devices. Chip placement devices have become the mainstream of the industry's development. Discrete devices have high frequency, broadband, high speed, low noise, and high power. High current, high linearity, large dynamic range, high efficiency, high brightness, high sensitivity, low power consumption, low cost, high reliability, micro-miniaturization, etc. are rapidly developing.

Semiconductor discrete devices are widely used in consumer electronics, computers and peripherals, network communications, automotive electronics, led display and other fields, a wide variety, high versatility, wide range of applications, mature technology, high reliability, low cost and procurement channels With abundant resources, discrete devices as basic electronic components are an indispensable part of the electronic world.

Design specifications

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