Audi LED headlights and laser headlights development: matrix LED integration

Wolfgang Huhn of Audi, Germany, gave a speech at the "electronica automotive conference" held on the day before the opening of the electronics industry's largest exhibition "electronica 2014" (November 10, 2014). Development of automotive headlamps using LEDs or semiconductor lasers.

In terms of LEDs, Audi's current application to automotive headlights is a "matrix LED" that is divided into multiple regions (such as eight regions) according to the external environment, and each region can be individually dimmed. The company intends to integrate systems that implement matrix LEDs by 2024 and has two plans for it.

One plan is to integrate a camera unit for identifying the external environment with an "image processor unit" that processes the images obtained by the camera. As of 2014, the two units are also independent of each other.

Another plan is to integrate the ECU that drives the matrix LEDs into a unit called "BCM (Body Control Module)". As of 2014, these two components are also installed separately.

Regarding the headlights using lasers, Huhn introduced an application example that will be used on Audi's limited edition model "R8 LMX". According to reports, the car's laser headlamps use four blue semiconductor lasers with a safety level of "4" and an oscillation wavelength of 450 nm. The principle of operation is to use the light from four lasers to excite and diffuse the phosphor to produce white light.

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