AUO joint venture plant supports joint venture plant production of LED modules in the second half of the year

With the rapid growth of the LED market, AU Optronics Vice Chairman Chen Xuanbin said that AUO will support the joint venture plant to produce LED modules in the second half of the year to cater to the high demand for LED TVs in the mainland market.

He said that AUO actively operates the mainland market. In addition to the annual increase in shipments of mainland panels, it also established module factories in the southwest, central China and southern China with the three major color TV brands such as Changhong, Haier and TCL. Customers work faster and work closely together.

Bai Weimin, vice president and secretary general of the mainland electronic video industry association, said that the electronic video association attaches great importance to cooperation with AUO. In the future, it is not only panel procurement, but also in-depth cooperation, from panels, LEDs, modules to downstream products. Not only must we integrate upstream and downstream, but we must build a full industrial chain and enrich our competitiveness to compete with Japanese and Korean companies.