Automotive knowledge: What is a brake assist system?

Electronic brake assist system "eba" and brake force assist system "ba" (also known as "bas"). By judging the driver's braking action (power and speed), the braking force is increased during emergency braking, thereby shortening the braking distance. For drivers such as the elderly or women who do not have enough ankles and leg strength, the advantages of the system will be more pronounced. The mechanical brake assist system "ba" is actually the predecessor of the electronic emergency brake assist system "eba".

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The English full name of the electronic brake assist system "eba" is (electronic brake assist), and the English version of the brake assist system (bas) is called "brake assist syste" (hereinafter referred to as "brake assist system"). During the running of the vehicle, the brake assist system will monitor the brake pedal all the time. Generally, the system will not intervene when the brake is normally used, which will allow the driver to determine the strength of the brake. However, when it detects that the driver suddenly stepped on the brake pedal with extremely fast speed and strength, it will be judged as needing emergency braking, so the brake system will be pressurized to enhance and produce the most powerful The braking force allows vehicles and occupants to quickly get out of danger. According to the test data, the vehicle with the brake assist system can reduce the braking distance by about 45% compared with the vehicle without the system.

According to statistics, 90% of drivers are unable to take quick and timely braking measures in case of emergency, and the brake assist system can use the sensors on the throttle and brake system to judge the driver's throttle. The operation of the pedal brake pedal, such as the time or strength of the pedaling, to determine whether an emergency situation is encountered and an emergency brake is required. If, at this time, the driver's leg or foot strength is not sufficient, or the system determines that the current strength does not achieve the safe braking effect, the system will increase the braking force to less than 1 second. To enable the vehicle to complete the braking in a timely and effective manner. According to the relevant information, when braking at a speed of more than 120km/h, the system can reduce the braking distance by up to 10m, and when the speed is 200km/h, the car can be completely stopped at a longer distance than the car without the system. Shorten up to 21 meters, knowing that this distance is enough to keep the lives and property of the people in the car in dangerous situations.

Although most of the models sold in China now have passive safety systems like brake assist, this does not mean that they can leave the "safe driving" and "traffic regulations" behind. Driving habits and operating points need to be kept in our minds, because once the vehicle exceeds the limits that it can control, even if you have those "protective umbrellas", it will not help, so keep safe driving for the safety of yourself and others. The mindset is the most important.

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