Automotive LED lighting market is heating up, headlights + intelligent new labels

In the past few years, automotive LED lighting has been stuck in taillights, brake lights and interior lighting, instrument panels and other applications. LED headlights are still more in the topic and controversy; nowadays, many loading and even the whole standard The models with LED headlights have been mass-produced.

This also means that the LED automotive lighting market is entering a new development cycle.

In the market, due to the high entry barriers in the field of LED lights, industry insiders have indicated that “the lamps are safety-grade components of automobiles, and the quality requirements of the car manufacturers are very high, and the design cycle is very long.”

Recently, as a well-known brand in the global automotive lighting market, OLEDONE officially announced the brand name of the Chinese brand - "Qian Deng", and at the same time enabled the new Chinese and English bilingual LOGO, officially entered the Chinese LED automotive lighting market.

OLEDONE has established long-term and in-depth cooperation with original suppliers such as Yamaha, Kärcher, Chunfeng Power and Denso Co., Ltd. to develop and produce high-quality automotive headlights for world-renowned automobile brands.

Today, LED automotive lighting is becoming more and more mainstream. OLEDONE has chosen to enter the Chinese market. It is undoubtedly the domestic demand for high-end LED automotive lighting products.

There are currently few companies that have the ability to design and manufacture LED automotive headlamps. At present, in the automotive lighting supply chain in mainland China, from devices, modules, to lights, joint ventures and foreign-funded manufacturers all occupy a large market share, mainland Chinese manufacturers can not compete with it.

In the LED lamp industry chain, from the chip end, the domestic lamp market is almost completely covered by Philips, Osram, and Jingdian. Among them, Osram is the only one with the most abundant product line and cooperates with the world's top car manufacturers. The entire industry has fallen into the embarrassing situation of foreign companies monopolizing.

Monopoly means high gross profit of LED lights. According to the relevant person in charge of Hongli Zhihui, “Automotive lighting is a highlight of the company's semi-annual report. In terms of automotive lighting products, the company achieved revenue of 93.44 million, an increase of 74.13% year-on-year, and the gross profit margin reached 49.10%.”

From the global LED application market, the proportion of general lighting application market continues to increase, and automotive lighting and intelligent lighting applications will become a new growth driver for global LED applications.

According to the "China Automotive Industry Yearbook" data, China's automobile production and sales continued to grow for eight consecutive years, and ranked first in the world, becoming an important part of the world's automotive industry. In 2015, China's automobile production and sales volume was 24.5 million units and 24.59 million units respectively. The output increased by 3.3% year-on-year, and the sales volume increased by 4.7% year-on-year, a record high.

According to the latest data from the High-Tech Research Institute LED Research Institute (GGII), it is estimated that by the end of 2016, the size of China's automotive lighting market will be 20.4 billion yuan, and the market size of the lamp will reach 42.276 billion yuan. In the next few years, the development trend of the industry market will increase steadily. It is estimated that by 2020, the market size will reach 57.143 billion yuan, 14.87 billion yuan more than 2016, an increase of 35.17%.

LED lights have the advantages of low power consumption and long life. The power consumption is only 1/10 of the traditional lamp, while the daytime running lights, the LED consumes only 1/20 of the halogen lamp, and the LED lamp has a service life of 10 years.

In addition, LED has the huge advantage of small size and convenient design, which leaves a broad space for auto manufacturers to design the shape of the car, breaking the shackles of the past lighting system and satisfying the needs of the appearance of the car. The LED headlight industry has brought a huge market.

It can be predicted that China's demand for auto parts and after-sales service market will increase significantly in the next few years, and the automotive lighting market also has great potential for development.

At the 2016 Canton Fair, Jingke Electronics launched a series of automotive LED products. This is the first time in recent years that Jingke Electronics has introduced a lamp product at the exhibition.

For LED automotive lighting plants, competition has always been international, and LED high-power chips are the core components of LED automotive lighting, and the soft underbelly of the domestic chip industry. Since 2010, Jingke Electronics has won national-level technical innovation awards for its unique flip-chip high-voltage HV-LED modules, which have set off an outpost for the entry-level LED automotive lighting market this year.

On November 14, 2016, the launching ceremony of LED automotive lighting project of Jiangxi Luye Auto Lighting Co., Ltd. was held in Changdong Industrial Park, Qingshanhu District, Nanchang City. The company's total investment is 500 million yuan.

Xu Bo, Chairman of Luye Auto Lighting Co., Ltd., said, “After nearly a year of intense construction and production line commissioning, the second phase of the Luye plant was officially put into operation, and an annual output of 500,000 sets of LED lights and LED light source modules will be built. Production capacity."

“As the company's LED LED experience and technical advantages become more prominent, and automotive lighting replaces the vast space of traditional xenon lamps and halogen lamps, we are firmly optimistic about the company's automotive lighting business.” He also indicated that the company is optimizing existing markets and customers. On the basis of the structure, LED automotive lighting modules are used as an entry point to actively develop the domestic automotive lighting market.

In the future, domestic LED lighting companies will have LED light source module design, optical design, mechanical design, electronic design and engineering simulation analysis capabilities. LED lighting will be built with intelligent mold, injection molding, spraying, assembly and SMT. The lighting production line is the trend.

As LEDs tend to be miniaturized, the design of the headlights is more flexible and will lead to an upgrade of a series of extended products. The market is huge.

In addition, intelligent LED lighting for vehicles is also heating up rapidly.

In recent years, matrix-type dynamic intelligent full LED headlamps have appeared on the market, such as smart LED headlamps equipped with Mercedes-Benz's next-generation S-class cars. The headlamp system contains 56 LEDs, each of which can be lit, extinguished, or adjusted for brightness.

On November 3rd, the Mercedes-Benz Design Technology Day with the theme of “Optical Language” was launched in Beijing Mercedesme Sanlitun Experience Store.

Taking the new long-wheelbase E-Class as an example, the new car uses geometric multi-beam LED headlights. Each headlight has 84 independent high-performance LED point sources, 84 individual LED point sources and stereo for each headlight. The camera cooperates to scan the road surface 100 times per second. For each road condition and driving state, intelligently adjust each independent light source and dynamically combine them into different geometrical arrangements to achieve fine control of the beam and fine control to control the illumination. The front tail or the light of the opposite car will not cause dazzling reaction from the driver in front.

Duan Jianjun, executive vice president of Beijing Mercedes-Benz Sales and Service Co., Ltd. revealed that the geometric multi-beam LED headlights of the new long-wheelbase E-class car use the dual-lamp eyebrow design, inheriting the essence of the classic "four-eye" headlight design. Part of it is intelligence, part is emotion, and this part of technology is more about our intelligence, and design is more about this part of emotion. It has a beautiful appearance, and there is a practical intelligent function behind it to present the overall design of the lamp.

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