Baidu shadow stick 2S open box appreciation

In February 2014, Baidu, the internet giant, made another effort to launch a brand new TV screen “Viewing Artifacts” - Baidu Shadow Stick 2S, which aroused widespread concern among people from all walks of life. We do not seem to have forgotten the sensation of Baidu's video stick 2 at the time of its debut. With its superior quality, Baidu's video stick 2 has repeatedly created miracles and has accumulated a good reputation in the market. From the enthusiasm of consumers, we can feel that the public needs such a subversive work, and now, based on the previous work, Baidu's video stick 2S is further optimized and improved, and a new round of audio-visual feast will soon be swept!

Why Baidu Shadow Stick 2S Has High Popularity

Ten years ago, when the Internet was not yet well-developed, the way for everyone to obtain information was basically from television or newspapers and magazines that spread at a disappointing speed. The wide spread of the Internet has changed all this. Nowadays, even if we are sitting in our homes, we can still look at the global facts. Even the provocation between Chien Chung Yi and Professor Du can not escape our eyes. As a result, traditional television can no longer adapt to this ever-changing era. The general public is calling for a brand new viewing mode. The launch of Baidu's video stick will undoubtedly satisfy consumer demands.

What are consumers looking for on television?

The main purpose of television is still watching TV programs. This is a habit that people have long used. Games and applications can only be attached functions. As a result, the pros and cons of content have become the key to determining the user experience. The survey shows that the richness of the content, the degree of freedom of viewing, and the clarity of the video are the issues that users are most concerned about. Must start from these three aspects in order to truly impress users.

The value of a valuable product lies in providing solutions for users' needs. So how does Baidu Shadow Stick 2S perform in this area? Let us reveal the answer in the evaluation.
Compared with Baidu Shadow Stick 2, the change in appearance of Baidu Shadow Stick 2S has brought us a lot of surprises. First of all, from the packaging, Baidu Shadow Stick 2S appears even more grades, open the box, the content inside is also quite "affordable." The HDMI cable, the charger and the newly designed remote control are waiting to be seen. It seems that they are claiming that the Baidu video stick 2S is not alone!

Baidu Shadow Stick 2S boldly innovated in design and added more fashion elements. The arc-shaped design makes the product more beautiful, and the silver-gray gold-plated appearance adds a bit of temperament to it. If Baidu Shadow Stick 2 belongs to the "Moe" series, then Baidu Shadow Stick 2S is more scientific and modern.

Baidu Shadow Stick 2S is still equipped with HDMI interface, to meet the needs of HD enthusiasts. It is arranged on the box side with the power outlet and the USB port. It looks simple and crisp, without any drag and drop.

In order to give the user a better control experience, Baidu Shadow Stick 2S also redesigned the remote control device, which is more slim and lighter to hold. The key setting strives for the integration of tradition and modernity, and effectively supports various functions while also allowing users to Easy to use, enjoy a key pleasure.

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