Battery science: 5 details determine the service life of mobile power

Mobile power can be said to be one of the necessary digital accessories for the current manpower. Most of the netizens who travel on business trips have the habit of carrying mobile power, but do you know? Some bad habits of using mobile power can easily shorten their service life and even cause an explosion. The following teaches you the correct use of the mobile power posture, master these details of use, can effectively extend the life of the mobile power.

1, properly placed mobile power

Many times, when we travel or go on a business trip, the backpack will be stuffed with various objects. After that, the mobile power will be stuffed into the backpack along with these items. Although the mobile power supply has a hard outer surface protection, this does not mean resistance.扛 Strong performance, when the mobile power is squeezed to a certain extent, it is easy to cause the short circuit of the internal structure of the lithium battery, etc. If you are unfortunately buying a poor quality mobile power, then there will be a possibility of explosion and other accidents. Therefore, the placement of the mobile power supply is also very knowledgeable. It is recommended to leave a certain amount of space when putting the mobile power into the package.

Battery science: 5 details determine the service life of mobile power

2, the use of ambient temperature

Summer is coming. As the temperature rises year by year, when we go out, don't expose the mobile power to the sun for a long time. In addition, for the driver, don't put the mobile power in the car, otherwise it will happen. Self-ignition, the consequences will be unimaginable.

3, do not overcharge

Most netizens have the habit of charging mobile power at night and pulling it out the next morning. Some mobile power sources without charging protection continue to charge when fully charged, and materials such as electrolytes will decompose to generate gas, causing the outer casing to rupture, and oxygen enters to react with lithium atoms, causing an explosion. In this regard, netizens should try to avoid charging mobile power or mobile phones at night. At the same time, try to buy some brand mobile power, which is relatively safe.

4, mobile power should be charged regularly when not in use for a long time

When we don't need to move the power for a long time, in order to prolong the service life, we should keep at least 50% of the power, and regularly charge 1~2 times and 1~2 times every month.

5, use the output of the matching charger

Don't think that you can charge the mobile power supply by simply finding an interface. Most of the current charger specifications are greater than 5V/1A. It is necessary to know that the maximum specification of the mobile power supply is only 5V/1A. Therefore, if you use other products for a long time. Chargers that do not conform to the specifications may cause excessive load, charge, or even fire.

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