Billboard lighting design

Advertising lighting, as its name suggests, is to illuminate for the sake of wide-ranging lighting. Generally, there are two kinds of light transmission and external lighting. This time we talk about the treatment method of external lighting. As for the internal light transmission method, please refer to
You don't want to spend money asking the designer to help you with billboard lighting design because you think it's expensive? In fact, we don't want to collect money. In this case, tell you a formula, look at the following diagram:
1 billboard height
When the billboard height is within 8 meters, it can be installed on one side, the spacing shown in the above figure can be used, and the lamp adopts a light beam with a wide beam angle. The choice of lamp power is also flawed: when the billboard height is within 4 meters, the lamp power is 80W; when the height is 4~8 meters, the lamp power is selected between 100-200W.
2 billboards
When the billboard height is 8~12 meters, it can be installed on both sides. As shown in the above figure, the lamp adopts wide beam angle light distribution, and the lamp power is 200W.
The two types mentioned above are wide billboards. Now the problem is coming. What about the narrow range of 12 meters or more?
3 narrow ads
The luminaires required for narrow-width advertising are narrow-beam or medium-beam luminaires with a power of 1000W (metal halide). Remember, when a narrow billboard is very high, such as more than 20 meters, you need a double-sided cloth, then you can copy it by one side, the data is unchanged.
Let's take a chestnut to verify the above formula.
Assume that the billboard height is 5 meters and the width is 16 meters. According to the above, the bracket is 2 meters, the bracket is 0.3 meters away from the lamp, the lamp spacing is 2 meters, and the 120W LED flood light is 8 inches. Is it true? Look at the simulation:
4 billboards
Is it that I won?
The above cases were simulated with professional DIALux evo software, and the lamps were LED lamps. Of course, 1000W is a metal halide lamp, because the current LED lamps are limited by technology, and can not do such a big power.
Let's take a look at a few examples.
5 examples
Ignore the shooting level, see why there is a black area above? Because the designer did not choose the distance of the luminaire from the top (bottom) of the billboard!
6 examples
There is no dark space for this, because the designer considered the distance of the luminaire from the bottom of the billboard!
In the above forms of billboards, you can nest data according to the actual situation. The billboards are erected in different places and the required illumination is different. The more prosperous the place, the brighter it needs to be. The kind next to the highway, you don't have to be too bright. Therefore, when selecting the pitch density of the lamp and the power of the lamp according to the above empirical values, it is necessary to appropriately increase or decrease according to the specific situation.

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