Biotechnology or help "continuous lighting"

Biotechnology or help "continuous lighting" Recently, a commercial development project for "sustainable radiant plants" has attracted the interest of many corporate sponsors. It is reported that the special feature of this project is to let the plants continue to shine through bioluminescence technology.

The technology's R&D team said that one of their goals in researching this technology is to use future sustainable lighting plants for street lighting and apply this technology to other business areas such as planting and flower gardening.

According to scientists, they use a luciferase enzyme that is commonly found on fireflies and some luminescent fungi. Researchers transplanted the luciferase gene into other plants. Now scientists are transplanting the luciferase group to a plant called Arabidopsis and continue to observe changes in the DNA structure of the plant.

It is reported that researchers have now cultivated the seeds of Arabidopsis that can emit light and DNA sequences have been prepared. Scientists will then “print” these DNA sequences and eventually transplant them to other plants. . The next step for scientists is to make the roses shine so that this technology can be more commercially valuable. George, a professor of genetics at Harvard Medical School, is one of the patrons of this project. He believes that this kind of biotechnology will bring more inspiration to “continuous lighting”.

According to reports, if the technology is sponsored by the company, it will have great potential for market development. However, the risk of this technology cannot be evaluated yet. Some scientists fear that the plants containing this gene will undergo biological variation.

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