Borderless TV era? LeTV CES 2017 will soon release a borderless TV

Recently, media claimed that LeTV will release a non-rimmed TV at the CES 2017 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in early 2017. Recently, the landlord got the latest news. LeTV has released double-sided glass + borderless TV. Just a few days earlier, LeTV’s Super TV Officer Micro posted a “remove the rules and see more. Less is more, depending on the shape, boundless. @ LeTV Super TV on January 5 CES see.” notice, let People can not help but think of this black technology with no border screen will be applied to the new LeTV Super TV.

According to the spy photos of the products leaked before, LeTV has a frameless, ultra-thin design at the CES 2017 TV.

Today's landlord received a spy shot from the back of the TV. It can be seen that the back of the TV is extremely flat and has a mirror effect. It can be inferred that the TV on display at LeTV is likely to use a double-glazed glass process.

Double-sided glass + borderless design, this is an unprecedented design in the global TV industry.

Is it possible to make a borderless TV with double glass design?

With the current level of television manufacturing, the answer is feasible. According to a previous interview by LeTV’s President Liang Jun, LeTV will launch an OLED TV in 2017. OLED organic light-emitting diode panels, with self-luminous, ultra-thin, and even the characteristics of making flexible screens, making double-sided glass + borderless TV is completely feasible. However, at present, the production yield of large-size OLED panels is not high, and OLED panel suppliers led by LGD have been criticized for their insufficient production capacity and excessively high manufacturing costs. Therefore, it is uncertain when LeTV will be able to obtain panels and mass production and supply markets.

In the end, LeTV, which was snooped by the snare, was spotted. LeTV is making every effort to enter the markets of the United States, Russia, and India and rapidly develop the globalization process. And LeTV is not like some people rumored that television is a solution provided by ODM (Original Designer), but the use of OEM (OEM) program. LeTV New (LTV as a subsidiary of TV manufacturing) has more than 2,000 TV R&D engineers, and it is believed that the development of Smart TV in the past two years will not be underestimated. LeTV products are all designed and developed by Levision, and are supported by well-known OEM companies such as Foxconn and TPV. Therefore, it is not impossible for LeTV to display a borderless TV at CES 2017.
Interactive multiple choice questions:
Do you think LeTV will release a borderless TV at CES 2017?
A. LeTV can make a non-rimmed TV and carry an OLED flexible screen. B. Let's be independent in production and research. It is possible that there is no border. C. LeTV cannot make a borderless TV.

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