Brief introduction of signal relay amplification equipment

With the popularity of wireless networks, some enterprises, campuses, and commercial centers are also deploying a variety of wireless networks. Taking into account the coverage of wireless devices and the safe radiation of human body in home environment and office environment, the international relevant radiation limitation standards limit the signal transmission power of wireless products. In a broad space environment, the signal problems of wireless network devices become The focus of the user's attention is that wireless signal coverage is more important than bandwidth and speed. The use of signal relay amplification equipment to enhance and extend the coverage of the signal is undoubtedly the better choice.

1. The high-frequency power amplifier is mainly used in the final stage of the transmitter. Its role is to amplify the high-frequency modulated signal to meet the requirements of the transmission power, and then radiate it to the space through the antenna to ensure that it is in a certain area. The receiver within can receive a satisfactory signal level and does not interfere with the communication of adjacent channels.

2. There are two types of wireless signal power amplifiers, which are direct access to wireless access points (APs) and wireless router circuit boards. These amplifier circuits generally control the output power to be not too high (on the market The current sales are all below 400mW); the other is the external power amplifier, the power is generally 0-5W, 1W, 2W, 4W, etc., they are suitable for outdoor long-distance wireless transmission, or a large area of ​​wireless in the commercial area Network coverage use. With different antennas, they can easily complete wireless network signal transmission from several kilometers to hundreds of kilometers.

3. In a network, a wireless signal repeater can be simply called a wireless AP. An access point (AP) is equivalent to a hub or switch in a wired network. However, this is a hub with a wireless signal transmission function. It can provide a point of conversation for multiple wireless Internet access devices. Simply put, AP is an extension cord, repeater, and amplifier in a wireless network, which can enhance the signal and extend the distance.

The development of wireless network products has brought convenience to many inconvenience users of wired networks, but there are also some deficiencies. Due to the complexity of the environment, the signal of the wireless network is as difficult as the weather, and poor signal and frequent dropped calls are commonplace. Connecting a wireless signal power amplifier or wireless signal repeater in series on a wireless network device will undoubtedly increase the input/output signal strength of the wireless device and bidirectional amplification.

This type of high-powered device has been used only outdoors. After all, the tower is at a high altitude and there is a certain distance from the user, and the electromagnetic wave is attenuated geometrically in the air, so it has little impact on health. However, more and more users are now installing it in wireless routers and computer wireless network cards in their own bedroom or living room, so close distance, such high power, plus some users all day router does not shut down ... Users Health should not be neglected while considering signal strength.

Connecter Bunch Pigtail

Pigtail threader
Use PVC hard pipe as a protective sleeve, stuff 48 pigtails into the pipe one after another, let them protect the pigtails, and then pass through a 5m diameter 3.5cm corrugated pipe; the number of operators is 3; the pipe cost is 50 yuan; the test time is 71 minutes.
Advantages: good protection.
Disadvantages: poor flexibility, low space utilization, poor applicability, and not portable.
Use a plastic hose as a protective sleeve, stuff 48 pigtails into the tube one after another, let them protect the pigtails, and then pass through a 5m diameter 3.5cm corrugated tube; the number of operators is 2; the cost of the pipe is 45 yuan; the test time is 57 minutes.
Advantages: good protection, good flexibility.
Disadvantages: low space utilization, poor applicability, and not portable.
The low-density polyethylene material is used as a protective cover, the 48 pigtails are reasonably placed and arranged, and finally rolled up and passed through a 5m diameter 3.5cm corrugated tube; the number of operators is 1; the material cost is 2 yuan; the test time is 49 minutes.
Advantages: light and practical, good flexibility, and high space utilization.
Disadvantages: difficult to arrange.

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