Can drone propellers do the same?

For now, there is already a solidification concept for the shape of the aircraft. It is nothing more than the use of single or multi-axis blades to generate power, such as helicopters, multi-rotor drones and so on. For the "roller-propelled" aircraft, it may be stranger to say it.

Can the propeller of the drone do the same?

The paddles used in the "cyclocopter" are somewhat special. Academically called "cycloidal paddles", the paddles are made into a "drum-type" combination of rotations to generate thrust and lift. Many people take a look at it. It may be that this thing is particularly novel, but the concept was proposed about a century ago, until the emergence of helicopters and multi-axis aircraft was gradually forgotten.

At present, only a small number of research teams are doing research on rolling wings. Professor Moble Benedict and his team at Texas A&M Flight Laboratory are one of them. Recently, they have successfully developed a small rolling wing. The aircraft has a total weight of only 29 grams. This may be another step in replacing helicopters and multi-axis aircraft. Not much to say, look at things first.

Can the propeller of the drone do the same?

The picture above shows the state of the entire aircraft during flight. If you still don't understand how the rolling wing makes the drone fly, you can probably see the picture below.

Can the propeller of the drone do the same?

The eight blades are concentrated on a drum-type structure. When the drum is self-propagating, each blade will change accordingly. The high-speed rolling of the drum causes the air flowing through the upper and lower airfoils to generate a difference in velocity, which produces strong reasoning at the bottom. Make the drone take off. At the same time, the airflow pushed back to the drum during operation can produce forward thrust.

Can the propeller of the drone do the same?

Moble Benedict has been engaged in the research of rolling wing aircraft for many years. He said that in theory, the rolling wing mode kinetic energy is more efficient, the power consumption is smaller, and it will be quieter, more space-saving, more stable, and the speed is similar to that of the helicopter. .

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