Canton Fair Pazhou WESTIN Hotel

Zhongzhao Lighting Award Lighting Engineering Design Award (outdoor/block, single) third prize

Project Name: Canton Fair Pazhou WESTIN Hotel

Declaring unit: Guangzhou Hezhongyuan Building Technology Development

Project Description

Project Overview

The Canton Fair Pazhou Complex Facilities (Canton Fair Pazhou Westin Hotel) has become the tallest building in Pazhou, and it is a landmark building in Guangzhou's new central axis with Guangzhou Tower and Zhujiang New Town West Tower. Located on the Weizhou Island PZB1402 plot in the southeast of Guangzhou, it covers an area of ​​100,529 square meters. It is a comprehensive building with complete functions such as hotels, office buildings and commercial services. The total height of the building is 198.80 meters, the underground part is 2 floors, the ground part is 43 floors, and the podium is 5 floors. After the hotel is put into operation, the Canton Fair has more than 4,000 international standard booths. Its modern exhibition facilities meet the requirements of hosting large-scale exhibitions, presentations, performances and other events, making it the largest international exhibition center in Asia.

The building is mainly composed of a glazed glass curtain wall with stainless steel decorative steel pipes and aluminum rib decorative panels; the arrangement resembling the letter “V” makes the building facade have a strong sense of rhythm. The top is made up of a glass curtain wall with decorative aluminum panels, which are clearly layered like a blooming petal.

The project includes podium floodlighting. The four facades of the tower are decorated with A-ribbed and B-ribbed full-color linear LED lighting, LED lighting on the east and west sides of the tower, and full-color linear LED lighting on the roof. The total power of the design equipment is 321.8kW. The designed power density value is 9.3 W/m 2 . The actual system operating power is 106.85 kW. The operating power density value is 3.09 W/m 2 . The installation of lamps and lanterns includes: 15 sets of buried lights, 1506 sets of T5 linear floodlights, 6780 sets of LED line lights, and 320 sets of LED flood lights. Specifically

(1) Podium

South column: illuminated with 15 sets of buried lights, the power of the lamp is 70W, the color temperature is 3000K, ensuring that the glare of the lamp does not affect pedestrians. The slope of the podium stone curtain wall is washed with 1503 sets of T5 linear floodlights. The lowermost layer only washes the south side, and the lamps are placed on the canopy and the piece of stone.

(2) Facade

5480 sets of LED linear luminaires are installed in the façade aluminum gusset combination rib A and the combined rib B groove of the facade curtain wall, emphasizing the V shape of the facade.

(3) East and West core tube: 320 sets of LED wall washers are used to illuminate the entire surface of the glazed glass to brighten the metal ribs.

(4) Top-level modeling: 1300 sets of high-brightness LED linear lamps, emphasizing the shape of the roof lotus. The lighting facilities include 5 lighting distribution boxes, 1 LED control cabinet, 762 LED switch power boxes, 315 LED control equipment boxes, and 2 LED light control computers. After the project was completed, its lighting effects and lighting changes played a good social benefit, making the hotel a new landmark and lighting model building in Guangzhou.

Innovations in lighting design concepts, methods, etc.:

The design of the curtain wall design of the Westin Guangzhou Pazhou is centered on the shape of the Canton Fair LOGO “Bao Xiang Hua”, and the whole is rising from the bottom to the top.

The metal ribs of the tower body are V-shaped, and the curtain wall on both sides of the core tube is also layered outwards to form a petal, which makes the building seamless; the façade façade expresses the flow of the body with horizontal lines, and creates a combination of gradual change and mutation. Rhythm and rhythm; the top is the hollow skylight hall, the outer core is the Canton Fair LOGO “Baoxianghua” shape, the curtain wall is wrapped in a petal shape, highlighting the overall beauty.

The design of night lighting should not only combine the architectural art concept, but also reflect the connotation of the Canton Fair and show the theme of “Flowering the World”.

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