Casa Di refrigerator pilots high-end Chinese and foreign companies to stage "collective imitation show"

The patent dispute between Apple and other mobile phone manufacturers has come to an end, and the status of Apple's global innovation leader has been further confirmed. In the world of high-end home appliances, such a scene is being staged. The refrigerator products launched by Haier Group's high-end brand Casa Di have been collectively imitated by Chinese and foreign home appliance companies, which has attracted great attention from the industry.

Recently, the reporter learned that the Casa Di six-door refrigerator was plagiarized by the industry enterprises. This is another product that Haier Group has followed by other companies following the French-style refrigerator and Italian-style three-door refrigerator. According to industry analysts, the "imitation show" staged by high-end refrigerators in the world has largely exposed the dilemma of these enterprises' lack of innovation. At the same time, frequent plagiarism by domestic and foreign companies also confirms Haier Group's leading industry status. It has become a leader in the development trend of high-end home appliances worldwide.

It is understood that Casa Di six-door refrigerator has been comprehensively innovated in the fields of design, internal structure and technical application, interpreting the quality, technology and taste characteristics unique to high-end life, and setting a new benchmark for high-end refrigerators. Take the newly-launched Casa Dibruns six-door refrigerator as an example. The product is based on a six-door split design, complemented by a simple and smooth Bruns imitation stainless steel texture, which is artistic and unique. The European style reflects the elegant taste of fashion.

In terms of product functions, “The product has multi-temperature zone independent storage and straight-open drawer design, which provides the most suitable temperature space for different ingredients, realizing the fine management in the true sense.” Casa Di Refrigerator is responsible for People said.

Earlier, Wang Gao, a professor of marketing at China Europe International Business School, said in an interview with the media, “Haier has done a very good job in the process of internationalization. In addition to technology, it has won innovation and design.” He said that the current product The differences in production, manufacturing, and technology are all small, and the homogenization characteristics are obvious. In addition to the core technology, there must be breakthroughs in design creativity.

In fact, the original product design and the resulting market appeal are the key reasons why Casa Di has been plagiarized by Chinese and foreign brands. Judging from the exposed plagiarism products, these “cottage refrigerators” are very similar in appearance and name to the Casati refrigerators, and most of them directly copy the naming style of Casa Di. However, it is not difficult to find out that no matter whether it is work design or material selection, there is a huge gap between the cottage refrigerator and the Casa Di refrigerator.

In response to the current trend of collective follow-up in the high-end market and the plagiarism of Casa Di, some media commented that “one of the hallmarks of becoming an international brand is the leading position of the industry. For Haier to be an industry leader, it is copied itself. It means its leading position in the industry." In this regard, the relevant person in charge of Haier Group said that Haier’s consensus is that since it is global, it must be shared. At the same time, Haier will express its right to keep the copy.

The world's leading business model and open innovation R&D platform are the key reasons why Haier Group continues to lead the trend of high-end appliances worldwide. At present, Haier Group has established five R&D centers in developed regions such as China, Asia, Europe, America and Australia, and has become the world's fastest integrated technology resource. These R&D centers enable Casa Di to seamlessly connect consumer demand with the world's most advanced R&D resources to produce innovative products that lead the industry at the fastest rate.

Industry experts believe that for companies that simply copy the appearance of Casadi refrigerators, due to the lack of a complete industrial innovation system, these companies can only simply and mechanically imitate the appearance of products, and can not fundamentally solve the problem of weak enterprise innovation. In the long run, these companies are likely to fall into the vicious circle of backwardness, imitation, and backwardness, and eventually be eliminated by market competition due to lack of continuous innovation. With deep technical accumulation and leading innovation and research and development strength, Casa Di will dominate the global high-end refrigerator market.

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