Changying Precision's 58.5 million yuan acquisition of subsidiaries completed the industrial and commercial change procedures

On August 9, Changying Precision issued an announcement on the completion of the industrial and commercial changes of the holding subsidiaries. On July 17, 2012, the board of directors of Changying Precision reviewed and approved the “Proposal on the Acquisition of Partial Equity of Kunshan Jieshuntong with Partially Raised Funds” and agreed to acquire Kunshan Jieshuntong Precision Components Co., Ltd. with over 58.5 million yuan of super-raised funds. Upon completion of the equity acquisition, Changying Precision will hold a 65% stake in Kunshan Jieshun.

At present, Changying Precision has completed the equity acquisition of Kunshan Jieshuntong, and Kunshan Jieshuntong has also gone through the corresponding industrial and commercial change procedures, and obtained the “Enterprise Legal Person Business License” issued by Suzhou Kunshan Administration for Industry and Commerce. It is reported that Kunshan Jieshun registered capital of 56.25 million yuan, business scope includes: mold processing, electronic components manufacturing, warehousing, sales; goods and technology import and export business.

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