China's Network Equipment Industry Prices in November

China's Network Equipment Industry Prices in November

I. The trend of price index of China's network equipment industry The price index of network equipment has risen sharply by 6.58 points. According to ZDC monitoring data, the price index for network equipment in November was 115.82 points, which was a sharp increase of 6.58 points over the previous month. This is the network equipment price index for two consecutive months. The first return after the decline. Judging from the trend in the past year, the network equipment price index was roughly W-shaped and reached the highest point in August 2013, at 117.94 points, which was 24.01 points higher than the lowest point in March 2013.

Judging from the six major product lines involved in the network equipment industry, except for the switch, the average price of the other five product lines rose in different ranges this month. The average price of wireless routers and wireless internet cards rose a lot. The former was close to 10%. The latter is above 5%.

Second, the server market price index trend Server price index rose slightly 2.59 points November server price index was 80.25 points, which is the first time in nearly five months, the server price index rose to 80 points or more. Judging from the trend in the past year, the server price index showed a significant M-type trend from November 2012 to July 2013, and since May 2013, it has declined for four consecutive months, and it has dropped to the lowest point in September 2013. It was a difference of 77.10 points and a difference of 17.48 points from the highest point in January 2013.

Sample description: This month's trend analysis of the price index of network equipment industry covered a total of six product lines of servers, switches, routers, wireless routers, wireless internet cards, and wireless network cards. The total number of statistical products was 3,314, of which 513 products weighted Jingdong and Amazon prices, involving 84 manufacturers (the number of manufacturers do not repeat the statistics).

Note: The ZDC price index is the most influential index reflecting the trend of price fluctuations in the Chinese IT market. The index was first publicly released on February 21, 2011, the base period was February 1, 2011, and the base period index was set at 100.

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