China's smart home market report 2015 exceeded 180 billion yuan

The smart home market is on the rise. The market research organization Analysys think tank recently released the "China Smart Home Market Special Research Report 2015". The report pointed out that thanks to the increasing number of smart home hardware products in the market and the increasing popularity in the consumer market, the scale of China's smart home market There will be significant growth in 2016. By 2018, with the completion of the main smart home system platform and big data service platform, downstream equipment manufacturers are perfect, and smart home products are accepted by the consumer market, and the market size will reach 180 billion yuan.

Analysys think tank also surveyed and analyzed the needs of users in the smart home market. The results show that in the smart home brand recognition, the respondents have higher awareness of domestic brands, and Haier, the traditional home appliance manufacturer, ranks first, and smart device manufacturer Xiaomi Ranked second, although Apple did not launch smart home products in mainland China, it still gained a high level of recognition.

China's smart home market report 2015 exceeded 180 billion yuan

On interested smart home products, respondents were most interested in smart monitoring devices, followed by personal health/care devices. When purchasing smart home products, respondents are most concerned about functions and prices, and brands, word of mouth, and energy conservation are considered less. For the question of whether to purchase smart home products in the next six months, 60.8% of consumers said they would not buy, and 39.2% said they would buy. Among the reasons for not buying, “product immature” has become the most choice for consumers.

Respondents who purchase smart home products in the next six months will mainly want to purchase a single product. On a specific budget, more than half of the respondents indicated that the budget is below 2,000 yuan.

Analysys think tank believes that the core profit model of the smart home industry in the future will be: use smart home products as the tentacles, obtain consumer habits data, conduct data mining and analysis, and connect the analysis results with third-party service providers to consumers. Provide personalized offline services.

The report shows that from the investment value, life services O2O, smart security, medical smart home products and services are higher. From the perspective of investment performance, smart products and services such as medical care, the elderly and children are better. Based on the above factors, Analysys thinks that the key investment areas in 2015 will focus on the areas of life service O2O, smart security, medical smart home products and services.

Analysys think that the technology development of the smart home industry will be carried out in six aspects: First, the operating system - the expansion and expansion of the operating system ecosystem, enabling more hardware, software, and content to access the platform. Produces a huge polymerization effect. Second, interactive technology - voice interaction, somatosensory interaction, face recognition and other technologies will be maturely applied to smart homes, the control of mobile phones on smart home devices is weakened. Third, hybrid cloud technology - With the increase of data generated by smart home devices, the amount of data carried by the family private cloud is limited, and the combination of family private cloud and public cloud will become a trend. Fourth, big data technology - smart home devices that will access the cloud in the future will increase, big data management and analysis capabilities will also be improved, providing data support for personalized offline life services. V. Wireless Communication Technology - With the continuous upgrading of wireless communication technologies, the communication methods between smart home devices in the future will be wireless. Sixth, robot technology - robot technology will integrate interaction, cloud computing, wireless communication, image recognition and other technologies to meet the needs of family medical, service and education.

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