China's smart terminal operating system industry alliance or will be established

At the Smart Terminal and Mobile Application Summit held in Gui'an High-tech Zone, Guizhou, on May 25th, Academician Ni Guangnan of the Chinese Academy of Engineering stated that the main reason for the lack of autonomous smart terminal operating systems in China is that there is no national will and no top-level design.

Academician Ni Guangnan pointed out that the strength of our country’s enterprises and their ability to innovate in science and technology are not strong enough:

At present, there are 15 desktop operating systems, but they are all small companies with about 100 employees. They are not able to form a concerted force.

In terms of mobile operating systems, the risk of intellectual property rights has not been fully assessed, and many homes are supported to be customized on Android. This is a low level of repetition and cannot be controlled independently. As a result, China has no autonomous intelligent terminal operating system.

Academician Ni Guangnan stated that in order to solve the problem that the core technology of smart terminal operating systems in China is subject to human beings, we should focus on national security and long-term development, and call relevant departments and units to actively formulate strategic plans for core information technology equipment.

Academician Ni Guangnan believes that at present, individual enterprises in China are still unable to shoulder the task of developing smart terminal operating systems, and they should learn from the experience of industry alliances such as “Beidou” and “TD”, and play a decisive role in the allocation of resources in the market, and establish Chinese intelligent terminal operations. System Industry Alliance to integrate the resources of all walks of life in China, and to develop collaboratively and cooperate in innovation.

"In addition, domestic smart terminal operating systems must adopt advanced business models," Academician Ni Guangnan said.

"Android and Apple's systems have an advantage in the mobile market. It's not that technology is much stronger than Microsoft, but the "application store" model they use is superior to Microsoft's traditional business model."

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