Classification of radio frequency cards

Classification of radio frequency cards RF card classification

First, non-contact IC card

Non-contact IC card, also known as radio frequency card, consists of IC chip and sensing antenna, and is packaged in a standard PVC card. The chip and antenna do not have any exposed part. It is a new technology developed in the world in recent years. It successfully combines radio frequency identification technology with IC card technology, ending the problem of passive (no power in the card) and contactlessness. It is the field of electronic devices. A major breakthrough. The card is close to the surface of the reader at a certain distance (usually 5 to 10 mm), and the data is read and written by radio waves.

Second, contactless ID card

Nowadays, the more widely used low-frequency cards (ID cards), in addition to our company can provide H4001 thick white card, but also can provide with printing H4102 thin card, my company's low-frequency printing thin card meets the bank card's 0.76mm thickness standard. The advanced manufacturing process is the biggest advantage of our factory's low-frequency card is different from other factory low-frequency cards. The bad card rate is much lower than the low-frequency cards produced by other card factories. The performance is also far superior to other low-frequency cards and has a long service life.

Chip: Taiwan 4001 COB

Operating frequency: 125KHZ

Sensing distance: 8-20cm

ID thick card: thickness 1.8mm, standard card size, is the most economical RF IC card with ID number, with a portable hole, you can screen printing LOGO text information;

Standard thin card: thickness 0.8mm, standard size, can offset, screen printing, print photos;

Non-standard thin card: thickness 1.05mm, standard size can be offset, screen printing, print photos;

Typical applications: patrol system, time and attendance system, access control system, corporate card system and other areas of radio frequency identification

ID card introduction

The ID card is a THRC12/13 read-only contactless IC card, which is powered by a card reader and reads out the unique card number stored in the chip EEPROM. The card number is written once before the card is closed and cannot be changed after the card is closed. Passive and contactless are two of the most prominent features of the chip. The RF interface circuit is the key core technology. It receives radio frequency energy from the card reader, generates power and clock for the chip, and uses phase shift keying and loading amplitude modulation. Technology realizes wireless communication between card and reader. Non-contact ID cards have outstanding advantages such as easy operation, quick and reliable, and are widely used.

Electric Quartz Heater is a new type of integrated electric heating product with far-infrared radiation milky white quartz tube, ultra-high-quality insurance coefficient of nickel chromium alloy resistance wire, which could heat evenly and only the price of imports heater 1 / 4.

Quartz tube heating element
Such products mainly by the sealed electric components, parabolic or circular surface reflector, protective strip, power adjustment switch and other components. It is made of quartz radiation tube for the heating element, the use of far infrared heating energy-saving technology, so far far infrared radiation components issued by far infrared absorption of objects, directly into the heat to achieve the purpose of heating, while far infrared can also produce physical therapy. The heater is equipped with 2 to 4 quartz tubes, the use of power switch to make part or all of the quartz tube into work. Quartz tube by the electric wire and quartz glass tube composition. Quartz tube heater is characterized by fast heating, but the heating range is small, easy to produce open flames, and consumption of oxygen, although the previous low sales because of the price is good, but has clearly showed a downward trend.

Quartz Heater

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