Comparison of two LED electronic displays in the curtain wall system

LED electronic display is a product based on technology. It has become one of the important media, and its commercial value and social value are high.

LED electronic display

In the modern society where science and technology are developing rapidly, LED has emerged from many imaging devices with its powerful features and incomparable advantages, and has become the electronic product of choice in various industries.

1.1 LED concept

The LED is an abbreviation of the English phrase "Light Emitting Diode", that is, a light emitting diode. LEDs are actually a type of semiconductor diode that has the function of converting electrical energy into light energy. Different semiconductor materials produce different colors and strong and weak light. In general, the basic light colors of LEDs are red, green, and yellow. Based on these three color chromatograms, many different colors of light can be blended. In addition, the intensity of light directly affects the field of use of LEDs. Conversely, different application areas also determine the strength of LED light to some extent.

1.2 Composition of LED electronic display

The brightness control circuit corresponding to each LED tube is different. Each LED tube is arranged in order according to a specified vertical and horizontal direction and dot pitch, and an LED circuit board, that is, an LED electronic display screen, can be obtained, which has different corresponding colors and corresponding Brightness, so the LED electronic display can display a colorful picture.

The LED tube controlled by the circuit is not static, and its color and brightness can be changed with the control of the circuit. The bigger the change of brightness and darkness, the more the level of change, the more vivid the image and the finer the picture.

Specifically, the LED electronic display system consists of the following four parts: 1 computer-specific equipment. Computer-specific devices have different system functions. 2 display screen. Refers to the screen of the LED electronic display, the main circuit is controlled by the display signal of the computer. 3 video input port. It mainly includes DVD players, camcorders and video recorders, and is responsible for multimedia video and audio playback and production. 4 power supply and distribution system. Mainly provide power.

LED electronic display application

LED electronic display is widely used in daily life. The application of LED display not only enriches the color of the media, increases the dynamic, but also reflects the modernity of the city, which plays an important role in enriching the life of the citizens and beautifying the urban environment.

2.1 multimedia outdoor LED

As a relatively late media, compared to other media formats, such as neon lights, signs, etc., LED display screens are more vivid and dynamic with its comprehensive strength. It can release sounds, images, and texts at the same time, so that people can feel their changes in both visual and auditory senses. The speed of the changes in the speed of the pictures, the breadth of the content presentation, and the simplicity of the way are not comparable to traditional media.

Due to the non-fixability of the scope of use, the uniformity of the use time and the diversity of the data modules, the multimedia outdoor LED should be controlled by the host computer, and the main control computer divides the different data, and then separately transmits to the corresponding LED through the optical cable. Display screen for real-time display strobe. Adopting a single computer host control method not only facilitates operation control and management, but also facilitates streamlining equipment control and reducing operators, thereby achieving the purpose of reducing costs and saving resources. It is worth noting that the outdoor screen illumination area ranges from tens of square meters to several hundred square meters, and the illumination time is not divided into white and four seasons. Therefore, the LED electronic display should be windproof, rainproof, lightning resistant, and anti-Et. Features. At the same time, the brightness requirements for outdoor LEDs are also high.

Based on its era and superiority, LED outdoor electronic display has become an important carrier for outdoor advertising and information display.

2.2 LED full color display

Full-color displays are typically mounted on the building's façade, and their main function is to display images, text, video, and video. As a video and image display system, the LED full color display can play a variety of graphics, text and audio content, such as video, TV programs and DVDs.

When applying the LED electronic display to the curtain wall system, it is necessary to ensure the clarity and real-time display, so as to present a high-quality picture to the user. The first-class display should make the content play smoothly, without flicker and distortion; the change form is natural, no visual connection is sudden; the change mode is diverse, which can provide users with different visual experience. In addition, you should also meet other reasonable requirements of the audience, such as updating news alerts and displaying time in real time.

Unlike outdoor LEDs, full-color LEDs need to ensure no stroboscopic phenomenon. This is because full-color LEDs are closer to the viewer. If the image scanning frequency of the display is too low, the user may feel uncomfortable in a short period of time. In the case of the situation, it is easy for the user to have visual fatigue and affect the viewing experience.

2.3 Comparison of two LED electronic displays

The multimedia outdoor LED and LED full color display embodies two different application modes of the LED electronic display. Although its working principle is almost the same, there are subtle and clear differences in the technical requirements of technology, electronics and microelectronics. In addition, it is not difficult to find in comparison, the difference of occasions also determines the technical process of LED electronic display.

In terms of the area of ​​the site, the indoor area is small, and therefore, the light-emitting point of the LED is also small; the outdoor area is large, and therefore, the three-color light-emitting is generally used.

In terms of audience, indoor LED display is subject to ~kS-", therefore, it is more inclined to design diversity, variability and precision, in order to give people a beautiful enjoyment in close range; the audience of outdoor LED display is not Fixed, large group, its function is basically fixed (commercial advertising, information transmission), therefore, its design is relatively simple, the public.

In terms of installation methods, the indoor LED electronic display is suitable for inlay installation, wall mount installation and hanging installation; the main installation methods of outdoor LED electronic display are roof installation and column installation.

in conclusion

LED display frequency screen has the advantages of low power consumption, long service life, low cost, high brightness, large viewing angle and long visible distance. It can meet the needs of different occasions to some extent. Therefore, its development prospect is broad. This paper briefly analyzes the application of indoor and outdoor LED electronic display screens in the curtain wall system, mainly explaining the influence of different occasions and different user experiences on the selection and design of LED electronic display. Due to the powerful function of LED electronic display, it can promote the modernization process of the city while facilitating and enriching people's lives. Therefore, LED electronic display technology has become one of the indispensable technologies in modern life.

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