Comprehensive strength burst table Samsung TV three awards show all-round talent

Recalling that in 2016, the TV industry was cold and chilly but still brilliant: cross-border power injection, fierce competition, sluggish international market environment, and continued pressure on the domestic market. At the same time, anti-economy competition methods such as “price wars” gave the color TV industry a The Unbalanced Development of "Software and Hardware". However, "there is a confident person, Tai Shan collapsed before the change in color," Samsung TV has always been hardware and software go hand in hand, but also took "China Audio and Video Industry Technology and Application Trends Forum," the three hardware and software award once again demonstrated the overall strength.

Samsung SUHD TV KS9800 stunning 2016

On November 24th, at the 2016 (Twelfth) China Audio & Video Industry Technology and Application Trend Forum (AVF), held in Beijing, Samsung TVs were made in one fell swoop with excellent product performance, advanced innovation technology, and humanized innovative applications. The company won three awards for the "China Audio and Video Industry Product Innovation Award 2016", "China Audio and Video Industry Technology Innovation Award 2016", and "2016 Chinese Audio and Video Industry Application Innovation Award" to create an all-round product advantage.
"China Audio Video Industry Technology and Application Trend Forum (AVF)" is sponsored by the China Electronics Industry Association. It has been held for 11 consecutive years. It plays an important role in setting industry standards, promoting excellent brands, and encouraging independent innovation. As a leader in the color TV industry, Samsung has also won numerous awards for several consecutive years, and has received great recognition from consumers and the industry.

Samsung TV swept AVF three awards, comprehensive strength burst table

At the event, Samsung demonstrated the KS9800 with its latest surface technology, immersive audio-visual experience, unprecedented color performance, attracted many participants to stop, but also by the industry professionals greatly appreciated. Bai Weimin, executive vice president of the China Electronics and Video Industry Association, pointed out: "Quality is the concept of sound development in the audio and video industry, covering products, technologies, applications, and other fields."

Obviously, it is no accident that Samsung TV was able to win three prizes in hardware and software. In terms of products and technology, the KS9800 uses the world's first second-generation cadmium-free quantum dot technology to represent over one billion colors and its image quality is extremely realistic. At the same time, the KS9800 also created a new industry standard for the HDR 1000 Nit. Whether it is the flash of fireworks or the shadows of the night, Samsung TV can clearly restore every color and detail, as seen with the eyes.

In terms of applications, Samsung TV designed a series of “home and spectacles” for the elderly. Children can send files to their parents’ TV via QQ to share pictures and audio. Parents can also reply to information through TV, no matter how far apart, it is convenient. Easy interaction between children and parents. There is no doubt that in all aspects of products, technologies and applications, Samsung TV sets a benchmark for the industry and will continue to guide the upgrade and development of Samsung TV.

Change never stops, wait 2017CES

“This year’s complicated economic environment at home and abroad has caused the lack of consumerism in the domestic audio and video market, and the color TV industry has ushered in a new normal after explosive growth. This means that enterprises simply rely on the advantages of scale to overcome difficulties. They must have products, technologies, The joint development of applications and other aspects can win in a difficult industry environment, said Hao Yabin, vice president and secretary-general of the China Electronics Video Industry Association.

2016 is about to pass but innovation will not end. Samsung TV is fully recognized for its three products, technologies, and applications. 2017CES is approaching, let us wait for breakthroughs and changes brought by Samsung TV!

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