Connect WiFi is no longer waiting, use this trick to get seconds!

Have you ever experienced: Sometimes when you get home, when you turn on your mobile phone and connect to WiFi, it will show that you have been getting an IP address and can't connect to WiFi. When you are fast, you can connect in a few seconds. If you are slow, connect for a few minutes. No, the little partner with obsessive-compulsive disorder can't stand it anymore. Why is this happening? Then let Xiaobian tell everyone about the reason and how to improve the speed of connecting WiFi. It can even reach seconds.

First of all, the connection of the mobile phone to the WiFi is mainly divided into two steps: 1 the WiFi module of the mobile phone requests the connection authentication from the router; 2 after the wireless router determines that the password verification is correct, the mobile phone obtains the IP address allocation through the DHCP.

Then, the reason is that some routers have slowed down the WLAN IP address assigned to the mobile phone through DHCP due to the compatibility problem of the WiFi module, especially under the high load of the router, and sometimes even unable to be allocated. When you go to the phone, the phone will always display "Getting IP address" and you can't connect to WiFi. Therefore, we need to make a simple setting of WiFi on the mobile phone, you can bypass this and connect to WiFi quickly. details as follows:

1. Go to Phone Settings → Wireless Wi-Fi → Find the currently connected WiFi

2. (usually long press) Enter the details to change the default DHCP to "Static"

3. It should be noted here that the manual IP address should be as large as possible to prevent IP conflicts (such as

4. At the same time, the DNS domain name address is also recommended to be modified to: and to prevent DNS hijacking. as the picture shows:

Connect WiFi is no longer waiting, use this trick to get seconds!

After the setup is complete, click Save. The next time you connect to WiFi again, you don't have to wait for the IP address to be assigned, and you can avoid the situation where you can't assign an IP address sometimes (if the password is entered correctly). In addition, manually setting the DNS can also effectively prevent the router's default DNS from being hijacked illegally and the hijacking of the carrier's DNS, which will make the mobile phone connected to WiFi more secure.

Finally, I wish you all a happy life!

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