Cool open 42K to achieve a key hard shutdown, bid farewell to annoying boot black screen waiting process

Gangzi's TV is a dream version of Kua 42K1 which was purchased in 2013 with double 11s. At that time, the configuration was good. The hardware configuration was as follows: The V14 generation LGD IPS 3D hard screen with a resolution of 1920×1080. The V14 panel brings a higher-speed refresh rate performance to CoolTV, and the static picture and motion picture performance are very delicate and clear. In addition, it is also equipped with ARM Cortex-A9 dual-core processor architecture, GPU image processor is Mali 400, equipped with 1GB of memory and 4GB of storage space, the hardware can be described as strong. In 3D, Cool open 42K1 Dream Edition TV adopts IPS hard screen and no flash 3D technology, excellent 3D effect, no flicker and no ghosting, no dizziness when viewed, and the effect is good.
However, the development of science and technology is too fast. Two years later, his processor has become obsolete. There are several good TV boxes here. After using the box, they feel too slow with the operating system that comes with the TV. However, some can't accept it, but the screen and sound effects of the TV are good, and they are reluctant to change it. So they decided to use the TV as a monitor and an external box.
In the process of an external box, the TV remote control only has the function of turning on and off the volume and adjusting the volume. However, occasionally the black screen is turned on for a while, the blue light is on, and the screen is only lighted for a long time. The study found that long-pressing the remote control shows the shutdown prompt. After that, the boot speed is stable, and there will be no black screen, but the long press is too inconvenient. Is there a way to achieve a one-button hard shutdown? The following child just talk about their own process to achieve this function. (System version 4.26, other versions please self-test).

Under the TV school desktop, click on the remote control menu key:

Click the down button, select System Settings, click OK:

Click the down button, select device information, click OK:

In the local information interface, press the - up - - down - - down - - left - right - left - right button on the remote control in order to open the factory settings interface:

Click Down, select Advanced Settings, and click OK to enter the following interface.

Keep tapping down to standby mode.

Click on the right, the quick boot is selected to restart the boot

Click down to select boot mode

Click on the right, the state will be switched on immediately after the power is turned on.

Well, every time you press the remote control to turn off the camera, it is a hard-off, and you don't have to endure the annoying black screen.

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