Cree pushes new LED bulbs to estimate Q1 revenue is expected to reach 3.35-3.50 billion US dollars

LED upstream manufacturing company Cree, Inc. announced on March 5 that it will raise the third quarter of fiscal 2013 (January-March), and also launched an LED bulb that sells below $10 sweet spot. Incentive to its share price jumped 14.4% to $51.16.

Cree expects revenue for this quarter to reach $3.35-350 million, which is higher than the previous estimate of $3.25-3.45 billion; the diluted earnings per share will be $0.31-0.36, higher than the previous estimate of $0.30-0.35. .

Cree released a press release before the US stock market opened on the 5th to announce the launch of the latest 40W white LED bulbs, priced at only $9.97, saving 84% of electricity per year compared to traditional incandescent bulbs. If consumers replace the five most commonly used lamps in their homes with Cree LED bulbs, they will save $61 a year in electricity. In general, $10 is considered by the market to be the price of LED bulbs that consumers are willing to pay.

In addition to the 40W white LED bulb, Cree also introduced a $12.97 60W warm white LED bulb and a $13.97 60W LED daylight bulb, which will be exclusively sold by The Home Depot, the global home furnishing retailer.

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