Dell Stops Producing Streak 7 Instead of Exiting Tablet Market

December 23 news, according to foreign media reports, Dell Streak 5 released Gingerbread ROM, Streak 7 will no longer use ICS.

Not long ago, Dell announced that it would stop producing Streak 7 tablets. Today, Dell also responded to a question on Twitter saying that it would not perform an Android 4.0 ICS official update on the product.

A YouTube video on the Internet shows a player named DJ_Steve running ICS ROM on a Streak 7 tablet. Dell responded with special emphasis on the company's plan to establish ICS.

This week Dell has released an official Gingerbread update for the Streak 5 tablet.

It is worth pondering that Dell has stopped the official sale of Streak 5 in the United States, but Dell still provides an official update of 155MB.

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