Deng Zhonghan: Broadening the Application of Video Internet of Things

For Deng Zhonghan, chairman of the board of directors of China Star Microelectronics, 2011 is a memorable year.

“This year witnessed the historic moments and continuous innovation of Vimicro,” said Deng Zhonghan. On March 11, 2011, the 10th anniversary of the birth of “Starlight One” was held in Beijing. "Starlight One" is China's first million gate-level ultra-large-scale dedicated chip with independent intellectual property rights and world-leading level developed by China Star Microelectronics. It is an iconic product that has ended the history of China without "core" and has a unique history. significance. At the same time, in 2011, Vimicro also made breakthrough innovations in the field of Internet of Things and security monitoring. Under the support of ministries and commissions such as the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the first institute of China Star Microelectronics and the Ministry of Public Security jointly took part in the development of the "Safety Prevention Surveillance Digital Video Audio Codec Technical Requirements" (SVAC standard). This national standard was formally implemented in May 2011.

According to reports, the implementation of the SVAC national standard has provided an important opportunity for the development of the Internet of Things and security monitoring industry in China. Now, the Internet of Things has become the leading field in reshaping China's long-term competitiveness and seizing the strategic heights in the post-crisis era. It is of great significance for China's future development and national security. However, the development of the Internet of Things in China is still in its infancy and has not been widely used. As the first international technical standard for security surveillance video and audio coding and decoding, SVAC GB has complete independent intellectual property rights. The implementation of the SVAC national standard can get rid of the various patent pitfalls existing in foreign related standards, guide the future development direction of the global security industry, and add a safety guarantee for the country. In the past few years, China Star Microelectronics has grasped the opportunity for the development of the Internet of Things and vigorously developed the Internet of Things and security monitoring industry. At present, China Star Micro has formed a comprehensive layout of security monitoring based on SVAC standards from core technologies, chips, terminals, platforms, and overall solutions.

Deng Zhonghan stated that in 2012, while maintaining its global leading position in the existing PC multimedia chip business, China Star Microelectronics will continue to innovate in the deepest core technology of the security monitoring industry. Based on the SVAC national standard, China Star Micro will broaden the application of video IoT in key areas such as the military, public security, and government. He hopes that he can use his own technology to continue the struggle for the development of an innovative security industry with China’s independent intellectual property rights and for the construction of our country’s new “Security Great Wall”.

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