Design and implementation of temperature and humidity acquisition system

table of Contents

Chapter 1 Introduction... 3

1.1 Research background and significance... 3

1.2 Research Status at Home and Abroad... 4

1.2.1 Temperature sensor... 4

1.2.2 Humidity Sensor... 5

Chapter 2 System Overall Design... 8

2.1 Signal Acquisition... 8

2.2 Signal Processing... 11

2.2.1 Product Features: 11

2.2.2 Internal Structure of the Microcontroller... 13

2.2.3 Minimal System of Single Chip Microcomputer... 14

2.3 Information Processing... 16

Chapter 3 Software Design... 19

3.1 System Initialization... 19

3.2 LCD display... 19

3.3 Temperature and Humidity Collection... 20

Summary... 23

Temperature is the physical quantity that indicates the degree of heat and cold of an object. Microscopically, it is the severity of thermal motion of an object's molecules. Temperatures are everywhere in the universe. Whether on Earth or on the moon, on the hot sun or on the cold Pluto, there is a difference in temperature due to differences in spatial position.

Humidity, a physical quantity indicating the degree of dryness of the atmosphere. The less water vapor is contained in a certain volume of air at a certain temperature, the more dry the air; the more water vapor, the more humid the air. The degree of dryness and humidity of the air is called "humidity". In this sense, physical quantities such as absolute humidity, relative humidity, comparative humidity, mixing ratio, saturation difference, and dew point are often used. Humidity indicates the water vapor content in the gas, and there are two expressions of absolute humidity and relative humidity. Absolute humidity is the mass of water vapor contained in a certain volume of air. Generally, the unit is gram/m3. The maximum absolute humidity is the highest humidity in saturated state; the relative humidity is the ratio between absolute humidity and maximum humidity. Its value shows how high the saturation of water vapor is.

Temperature and humidity have a close relationship with human production and life. They are also the most common and most basic process parameters in industrial production. For example, the detection and control of temperature and humidity are widely required in various industries such as machinery, electronics, petroleum, and chemical industry. . And with the improvement of people's living standards, people pay more and more attention to their living environment, and the change of temperature and humidity in the air has a direct impact on the comfort and mood of the human body, so the detection and control of temperature and humidity are very It is necessary.

For more information, please click on the link below to view! Design and Implementation of Embedded Temperature and Humidity Acquisition System Based on AVR

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