Design application for realizing mobile payment electronic receipt

With the development of the Internet and mobile terminal technologies, mobile payment technologies will become more and more popular. Mobile payment refers to a service method that allows mobile users to pay for goods or services they consume through their mobile phones. The mobile payment industry is an emerging industry with a very broad development prospect. Once mobile payments are filed, electronic receipts are imperative. Currently in North America, the development of electronic receipts has matured and is on the market.

Electronic receipts have an incomparable advantage over paper receipts. Paper receipts not only waste resources but also create “garbage”, which is very inconvenient, not conducive to preservation, easy to lose or damage. The electronic receipt is simple to save, and only needs to be stored in the memory of the mobile phone, and can also be exported and stored in another storage medium. The use of electronic receipts will also be very simple, everything is an electronic process, users only need to provide their own account information to be able to use the notes.

Once mobile payment is popular, like Google Wallet, electronic receipts will form a pattern. To ensure the reliability and availability of electronic receipt services, electronic receipts require a signature algorithm. This signature algorithm needs to be fast and secure. Electronic signatures must be non-repudiation and non-phishing.

Electronic receipt

The technology implemented in this project is a necessary part of the mobile payment service: electronic receipt voucher. The core part of the electronic receipt is the digital signature technology. The use of digital signature technology requires the participation of three parties: trusted third parties (arbitration), merchants and consumers. All merchants using the electronic receipt service publish the necessary signature information (public key) in advance. After the consumer consumes, the electronic receipt is obtained from the merchant, and the public key of the merchant is obtained from a reliable third party, thereby verifying the validity of the receipt. Due to the unforgeability of electronic signatures, consumers can then use the information of trusted third parties and the receipt information on their own mobile phone memory to prove the documents of consumption, thereby safeguarding their rights.

Digital signature technology based on rainbow algorithm

Digital signature introduction

Digital signature is a one-of-a-kind authentication mechanism that allows the generation of a message to add a signature that acts as a signature. The signature is generated by computing the hash value of the message and encrypting the hash value with the producer's private key. The signature guarantees the source and integrity of the message.

Digital signatures can be used for two-way authentication and one-way authentication. Two-way authentication allows both parties to the communication to feel reassured about each other's identity and exchange session keys. In the case of one-way authentication, the receiver can ensure that the message is indeed from the sender, and the sender cannot deny the message of relaxation.

Digital signatures contain several features: the signature can verify the signer, the date and time of the signature, the signature can verify the content of the signed message, and the signature can be arbitrated by a third party to resolve the dispute.

An applicable digital signature algorithm needs to meet the following basic conditions: it is easy to generate and identify signatures; it is impossible to forge signatures; it is feasible to save signature backups.

Digital signature security and non-repudiation

In this project, the role of using digital signatures is to enable the recipient (consumer) of the electronic receipt to confirm the authority of the receipt source, and to prevent the merchant from being able to deny the transactions that have been made, and to protect the consumer's rights by means of electronic receipts. .

Due to the unforgeability of digital signatures, when a dispute is discovered, the consumer can prove the consumption process and rights with the signature in the consumption data stored in the terminal (mobile phone). Digital signatures have the same legal effect as ordinary paper tickets, and digital signatures are portable and non-volatile, and will be widely used in the future.

Signature process

In the process of signing this project, the merchant (sender), the consumer (receiver), and possibly the third party arbitrator may be involved. We assume that the merchant has already published its public key. When consumers consume, they already have their public key. Then, when it is necessary to generate a signature ticket, the merchant makes a hash message (time, date commodity quantity price, manufacturer name, etc.) as a HASH, and obtains a sequence of fixed word lengths, assuming M, and then using its private key to the M Encryption is performed to obtain S=Eprivate(H(M)). It is then sent to the recipient. The recipient can save it.

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