Discussion on Application of LED Light Source in Mine Lighting

Mine lighting source is an important part of the mining machinery industry. Old-fashioned miner's lamps, such as incandescent lamps, fluorescent lamps and high-pressure sodium lamps, not only consume large amounts of electricity, but also have short lamp life, small light-emitting area and uneven illumination. Especially the old miner's lamp is mostly a heat source. Improper use will cause mine gas explosion and seriously endanger the safe production of the mine. A fourth-generation new light source semiconductor light-emitting diode ( LED ) light source with energy saving, environmental protection, harmlessness, long life, low heat, shock resistance and high color purity came into being. It is now widely used in life, such as Landscape lights, traffic lights, car lights, etc., will also have broad application prospects in mine lighting.

1.1. LED light source illumination mechanism

A light-emitting diode (LED) is an injection electroluminescent device made of a III-IV compound such as gallium arsenide, gallium phosphide, and gallium arsenide, the core of which is a PN junction. It has the characteristics of a general PN junction: forward conduction, reverse cutoff, breakdown, and, in addition, it has luminescent properties under certain conditions. When the PN junction is in equilibrium, there is a certain barrier zone, and its energy band is shown in Figure 1.

LED lighting principle

Figure 1 LED lighting principle

When a positive bias is applied to both ends of the PN junction, the potential barrier of the PN junction region is lowered, and a large number of unbalanced carriers are injected from the diffusion N region into the P region, and the holes diffused from the P region to the N region are continuously combined. . The composite process is a process in which electrons fall from a high energy level to a low energy level, releasing energy in the form of light radiation to emit light. Since the diffusion speed of holes is much smaller than the diffusion speed of electrons, luminescence mainly occurs in the P region [1].

1.2. Analysis of the advantages of LED light source

Compared with old miner's lamps, LED lights have many advantages, mainly the following:

(1) The high-energy-saving LED light source belongs to the primary light source. In the process of illuminating, the electric energy directly becomes the light energy, and the LED lamp is used as the new light source, and the power consumption is maintained under the same brightness as the ordinary incandescent lamp (secondary light source). It is only 1/10 of the average incandescent lamp, so the energy consumption is small.

(2) Long life and fast response LED light source is called long life light, and its service life can reach 50,000 to 100,000 hours, which is more than 10 times longer than that of old light sources. LEDs respond quickly, with a response time of nanoseconds, 0.1ms for fluorescent lights, and milliseconds for fluorescent lamps.