DOBBY Lecture Hall | The "Streaming and Shadowing" of the friends circle is so playful!

I believe many of my friends have found that our app has been updated again. This time, the more cool play method is coming! Come to the door, please see the detailed introduction of Xiaobian for everyone:

New feature experience

This time, the small video function, in the original 10 seconds automatic track video mode, also opened 30 seconds and 60 seconds of automatic video automatic shooting, and added the hands-free mode, let you enjoy the fun in the video shooting. The new streamer sharing mode definitely makes you and your friends slip freely. Yes, it is hand slippery, why is it slippery? See the post introduction~~~

Once I get the new version of the app, I can't wait to open the unlimited trial mode (the table envy me, now you can also play it~), fun! It’s really fun! But please also listen to what I have to pay attention to.

Use environment and precautions

Please choose a place where there are no buildings, trees, dense crowds, etc. in the open space;

Make sure that the DOBBY pocket drone has sufficient battery power and the amount of mobile phone used for operation is sufficient; (Northern friends should pay attention to the DOBBY battery and keep the mobile phone warm to avoid the mobile phone being forced to shut down due to low temperature during operation.)

Ensure that the GPS signal is good in the environment of use;

Recommended for use in the 5G band;

It is recommended to perform compass calibration before use.

This time, let's take a small video operation of 30 seconds and 60 seconds as an example:
30 seconds small video operation steps

30 seconds short video requires more than 40% power

This feature is not available when the battery is below 40%

DOBBY lecture hall


Open DOBBY, connect to the phone and enter the operation interface

Click on the multifunction menu

DOBBY lecture hall

PS: In the cold winter, this cartoon face model respects the cute ~n(*≧▽≦*)n

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